Friday, 19 October 2018

Homemade Boilies

They look good enough to eat myself 👍😂🎣
Home Made Boilies:

Decided to make me own. At The Supermarket, hopefully this little lot will catch me a fish. Sure to save a fortune, and have my own unique personalized bait 👍😄🎣 p.s - feel free to makes suggestions and give advice to a newbie ? Thanks

Updating in progress
Freshwater mussel and sweetcorn

Back soon in the kitchen for now off fishing 😄

20 Oct 18

Home Made Boilies Update

Good evening to you all,
Big shout out to everyone for suggestions on yesterday's shopping trolley. A few more bits added today, including scales, and mixing bowls. Still a few more ingredients to buy.
Did make an attempt to make some boilies last night, which unfortunately where disastrous, fell apart. Then went off for a couple of hours fishing, which was also a disappointment. Firstly my head torch batteries died. Then to make matters worse my Rhino Beam V2 packed up also. Trust me this is no fishing storytelling, could only happen to me. No fun left in the dark, struggling to back to car, especially open gate. Thank God for mobile phone torch light.
So today took a trip to Tackle Box near Dartford to exchange the Rhino Beam, shame none in stock to replace. Great Customer Friendly shop, they have ordered another one. Whilst there got speaking to The Manager Peter. Showed him the picture of yesterday's shopping trolley. He laughed 🤣 No wonder the Boilies didn't work wrong flour. Not to worry most of the shopping can eat myself, won't go to waste. Still got a few more things to order Peanut Meal etc etc
As for the couscous don't be alarmed, have other plans up sleeve to make a special roach boilie. No such boilie for roach on market, should be interesting, had some big roach in the past on boilie. Really looking forward to making many different types. Get back to you all soon, hopefully ready to use and some fish on the bank.
Good Night, enjoy the rest of your weekend 👍😎🎣

p.s - worked out the total cost will be 75% cheaper, that's four times the amount would get in a shop or online ready made. Plus my own fresh unique personalized flavours.
Decided to make some of the mix to cook some dinner 👍😂🎣

21 Oct 18
Home Made Boilies Update

Mango Pulp Coconut Surprise Supreme
Good afternoon after kneading the base mix 50/50 Soya Flour and Semolina, eggs, continued adding wonderful ingredients. The result was just to nutritious looking not to fly some before adding further ingredients, and rolling read for the boiling water. They taste, and smell magnificent 😂🤣😂

First batch ready added no colours to this first batch gone for natural
My dog has gone crazy with the smell
Ready to boil

Bye for now back soon off to try these out

Mango Pulp Coconut Surprise Supreme, first batch Mark 1 Test

Time for a spot of night fishing before bedtime, at my local, try out first batch of freshly made homemade boilies. To excited for words 👍🤣🎣

Good morning,
Home Made Boilies

Banana Spice and All Things Nice, mini boilies 🤣
Did manage to squeeze in an hour last night just the one small carp on my second batch of mini homemade boilies. Lot of effort rolling, sure in time perfect the mix.
Nothing on my Mango Pulp Coconut Surprise Supreme, first batch Mark 1
Bye for now, as always tight lines and may your next bite be a big one 👍🤣🎣

23 Oct 18

Firstly apologies with delay responding to all your comments. Promise to reply soon. Thanks very much those of you who recently gave advice, and suggestions what to add/not to add.

Pleased to say first two attempts at making where successful, most importantly caught fish. However this next batch is something a little more special, going by comments quality ingredients over quantity, as such won't be throwing this in by the bucket load, be using PVA string.
One suggestion was the use of shrimp paste, after visiting 14 different supermarkets, with no joy, decided to come to a proper Oriental Cash and Carry. Stocked up on the shrimp paste 😄

This next mix added a whole load of Special Quality ingredients. Including fresh prawns, bird seed, and roasted peanuts. Rather than order peanut meal at the extra expense, including postage, decided to grind nuts in a coffee grinder. Um not literally LOL 🤣

Very confident already in this next batch, mind you can't say looking forward to kneeding the stinky smelly shrimp paste in 😂

Bye for now, as always tight lines, and may your next bite be a big one 👍😎🎣

Good Evening,
Home Made Boilies: Batch 3

Prawn, Nut and Everything Nice

Once again could not have got to this stage without wonderful readers who helped with advice. Seriously made up on this third batch.

As mentioned apologies for those who have made comments, been unable to reply. Along time in preparation.
In this mix have gone for the ultimate in quality rather than quantity. Held nothing back in this mix. All Advice regarding proteins, nutritional content, oils at this time of year. The cold having an effect on releasing essential smells. Made plenty for enough sessions, and frozen, fresh from cooking. All fish healthy, natural ingredients. The final addition of the prawn paste, wasn't to bad. Although seem to have every cat in the neighborhood want to greet me. It stinks 🤣

Fresh prawns, ground nuts, bird seed, a few other special ingredients, will only be using sparingly. The Proof is in The Pudding, in this case The Boilie. Time to go put them to the Test. Hopefully A Fish 😄

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