Sunday, 21 October 2018

In Search Of A British Record Crucian Carp at The Dell

The Dell, Royal Artillery Garrison, Woolwich, Royal Borough Of Greenwich, London, SE18


Have absolutely no doubt in my mind that reports from genuine trusted sources that an unclaimed British Crucian Carp was caught here at my local water The Dell in Woolwich, London.

Have many Missions on at present which makes for challenging excitement. Keeps my angling exploits fun. Rest assured this mission like others is continuing until such time completed.

Providing this is not just another Fisherman's Tale, and such record fish is still alive my search is now on.

As mentioned last post, have had some wonderful sessions since becoming a Member of T.D.A.S here at The Dell in Woolwich.

However as much as had some great sport pulling in carp upto 18Ib got a bit bored targeting every session. The carp are not massive, which are only said to go upto 28Ib. A few twenty's.

Decided to boycott catching carp here, apart from the big crucians that go upto record weights, and The Big Perch

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