Thursday, 18 October 2018

Pursuit Of A Wise Old Monster Grand Union Canal Carp (Undisclosed Stretch)

AWS BLOG: Log Journal Entry: 18 Oct 18

For tonight's session gone back to a place unable to advertise. Certainly not until hopefully hooked, and landed, even then won't want to see any harm come to this fish from angling pressure, or poaching. For these reasons alone, have chosen to keep such quest firmly under wraps. All I can say at this point. The carp in question is certainly the biggest carp ever seen in my swim in over 40+ years of angling. Talking high 30's possibly pushing 40 pounds in weight.

Lay motionless, as before on a narrow ledge, literally scared to move a muscle , through fear of falling in. Forget falling asleep which nearly did last time.

lay as before head literally centimetres from the waters surface, looking down to the canal bed through gin clear water. Not wanting to give to much away about location, lights made vision easy to view the bottom.

Like to point out on first visit wasn't to sure what was in this stretch. A local in the early hours of the morning asked to step over me taking a short cut home. He laughed and said you won't catch nothing in here, never seen a fish, lived here over 15 years.

The same thing happened tonight as before, almost to the minute on the clock. Out from under a boat came a reasonable size carp. Certainly wouldn't grumble catching. This carp firstly swam around patrolling area. Then got its head down for a brief few seconds munching on my feed. Back under the boat, only seconds later to appear with a similar size Brother or Sister.

At this point was worried rigor mortis might just set in, not wanting to make the slightest twitch, move head, or cough. Water so clear like looking into a goldfish bowl. My eyes centemeters from the water. One false move, they would be gone. The same thing again they patrolled an area a set route. Then move in on feed for a few seconds, then back under boat.

Then witnessed the same carp have dreamed about ever since. Big Lump. Now reckon this was Papa and Mum stayed at home under the boat till the coast was clear. Big Lump just got it's head straight down on my offerings.

Could see one of the smaller reasonable sized carp scoffing around my hook bait, however desperately didn't want to hook into one of these. This was not the goal intended, and only spook off the bigger one.

Slowly moved the bait out of their path thinking was clever. Next second with a flash fish swam back under boat. At the same time slight short pull on rod not from Big Lump. Only to come back with a scale.

After much prebaiting last efforts, failing to catch know what in for. Not giving up be back tomorrow night, starting to prebait area.

That's all for now Folk's, off home to bed Zzz Zzz

This blog post is ongoing, a starting point rather than the finished article. Not finished until, fingers and toes firmly crossed, successful caught 😄

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