Friday, 12 October 2018

The River Thames, Staines-Upon Thames, Surrey

The River Thames, Staines-Upon Thames, Surrey 
- 11 Oct 18 - 

Hello everyone this is my angling blog, have neglected updating since March. By no means stopped fishing. Thanks for your kind remarks, those who have missed posts.

Back now and will from now on be sharing my angling adventures, stories with you. Been mainly using Facebook, those of you who follow,  Thank you:

However not everyone uses, those who asked. Thanks, for your messages, kind remarks. Back 👍😎🎣

The heavens opened up on arriving, with sudden strong winds. To make matters worse, second cast lost hook and ledger weight on a snag. Quickly set back up only to make a third cast. Bent down to clip up line with a bobbin for bite indication. The next second watched my mobile phone fall out top pocket, bounce down a steep concrete bank. Plop into The Old Father Thames.

Arrrrrrrr ! Gutted ! 😭 Holding on for dear life to what little bankside vegetation there was, at a steep angle, spent the next ten minutes arm/shoulder deep searching frantically for phone. Lucky really not that deep. Not so sure The Huawei P20 Pro is meant to be waterproof, however it's survived for now. Hopefully no long term damage.

At this point wet, miserable, packed up and headed back home.

The original plan this evening was to crack another London Borough, this time round a second attempt at Hounslow. The first being back in the close season on The Grand Union Canal where failed to even get a bite.

Unfortunately as often is the case, completely off the cuff last minute. com planned to fish Hampton Wick, not Hackney Wick which a London Underground member of Staff sent me in the wrong direction start of journey. Then after some research discovered Hampton Wick is in The London Borough Of Richmond-Upon Thames. So headed to a place called Isleworth. Then suddenly realised that this was a tidal stretch no good without waders and my 6ft tree basher.

So all in all a disastrous trip, off home for a hot bath and bed 👎☹️🎣

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