Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Fishing In The London Borough Of Camden

Fishing In The London Borough Of Camden
Regent's Canal, Chinese Restaurant, Southern Star Cumberland Basin, 
Prince Albert Rd, London NW1 7SS
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The Arches, Hampstead Heath Pond's with Stephen Hayes 22 Dec 18
Fishing Buddy Stephen The Arches, Hampstead Heath Ponds
Hampstead Heath Ponds, London Borough Of Camden
An early start to Parliament Hill to get a permit to fish the ponds at Hampstead Heath. Anyone wishing to fish here, will need to take along 2 forms of identification, 2 passport size photos, and your EA fishing license.
After getting my permit headed off for another long walk to The Viaduct Pond aka The Arches to meet fishing friend Stephen. Great to meet you again old buddy. Got to say walked my socks off today, at least 10+ miles, certainly sleep well tonight.
In all honesty not my ideal location, the few swims available far to close on a very busy public footpath, lots of dogs. A total of three jumped in whilst fishing. Most annoying. As for the fishing rock hard !
Down to 22 hooks, light hooklengh. Personally don't think done nothing wrong. Washed maggots of ammonia before fishing, sieved groundbait in order not to over feed. Yet not one bite, very poor concidering was using fresh maggots. A maggot 9 times out of 10, can normally score a fish or two in the most difficult situations.
For the last half hour before getting dark headed to a much better looking lake in my opinion The Vale, bigger, more importantly off the track, peaceful with no dog walkers. Certainly a lot more promising a bite at least, but sadly no fish.
Another failed attempt to crack The London Borough Of Camden. Onwards and Upwards, better luck next time on my sixth attempt.
That's All For Now Folks, have a pleasant evening 👍😎🎣
London Borough Of Camden, by Mike Hall
Hampstead Heath Ponds

to be continued

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