Friday, 29 March 2019

Fishing In The London Borough Of Islington

Fishing In The London Borough Of Islington
City Road Basin, London Borough Of Islington

Good Morning All,
Yesterday's Evening/Night Session was more about finding the fish than catching. That being said would have been nice to catch one at least. This is London after all, not talking about stocked fisheries, make no bones about it, this is extremely hard fishing. Take hat off to those Anglers who are catching in and around Urban London. Don't be fooled, some Anglers make it look easy on social media, with fish catches, pictures and video's. In truth you don't get to see the whole story, hours put in to achieve such results. What you don't see is the blanks. It's not all plain sailing, as it looks at first glance. Not making excuses, for I am still an Urban Novice with still much more to learn. slowly putting the pieces of this complicated jigsaw together. There is a secret, that comes down to years of research, knowledge, being in the right place at the right time. Location, Location, Location...
The Regents Canal, Stuart Lock
Starting off on The Regent's Canal, moving onto City Road Basin, London Borough Of Islington, before moving on to The Regent's Canal, London Borough Of Hackney. Finishing off at Shadwell Basin, London Borough Of Tower Hamlets.
Not without mentioning my Dear Friend, Fishing Buddy Stephen who lives locally in The London Borough Of Islington, who knows the stretch better than most, having fished The Regent's Canal for over 30 years. His knowledge and history lessons, where enthralling, much appreciated.
Got to be in it to win it! Hopefully better luck next time, next trip The Tidal River Thames, City Of London 👍😎🎣
Work in progress

to be continued thanks for your patience 

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