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Guide To Fishing In London

Update: 12 Oct 18

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Now taking on a rather daunting and difficult quest to explore and fish waters available in London. The main aim here is to look for free, and day tickets, club waters available to fish in London. Can well imagine the researching involved with this next Mission. Hoping to draw together a full list, including detailed travel plan of public transport options for those without a vehicle using a TFL Oyster Pass. Can imagine in foresight just how difficult it will be fishing some of the vast expanse of open waters. There are many used/disused Docks, Locks, Canals, Stillwater, and Rivers to explore. As this will be such a topic to cover given myself at least a few years to get round London and compile a complete guide for any one looking to fish in London. Time will not be committed entirely on fishing around London hence why giving this project at least 3 years to compile. Hoped as with past blog posts able to meet, greet and interview the many anglers who fish this City. Along with usual pictures of venues. Tight Lines 👍🎣

Please note this will be a lengthy on going feature, and at some point I may even decide to produce a website due to the amount of information and research. This is a starting point rather than the finished article. Thanks for your patience.

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As always welcome any input and answers. Feel free to make contact, and look forward to this quest. Making Contact:

Carp Rigs The Mechanics by Crafty Carper

Carp Rigs The Mechanics by Crafty Carper

In all honesty this is a great guide. A book recommended, purchased some month's back now whilst shopping in Tackle Box, Dartford. A really useful guide containing lot's of information, and clear diagrams, pictures on how to make many rigs. My only downfall is the amount of advertising space given to many companies to promote their products. Putting this small fault aside what this book does contain is excellent advice. Highly Recommended.


The most up-to-date guide to modern-day carp rigs and how to use them. Featuring favourite rigs from: Terry Hearn, Tim Paisley, Frank Warwick, Mark Pitchers, Terry Dempsey and others. Choosing the right rig for the situation you are facing is never easy, simply because you have to take so many variables into consideration. Experienced anglers have knowledge going back over many years to fall back on, which helps them make the right decision. We've called upon this vast pool of knowledge to create this rig book and give you all the information you need to make the right rig choice every single time. It is also important to keep up to date with the very latest rig components and materials. Tackle manufacture is forever evolving and creating everything from super-sharp hooks to thinner but stronger reel lines, and advancements are happening on an almost daily basis. Often these new products make rig construction easier, more efficient, and harder wearing. The result of this is that we as anglers have access to all the bits and pieces we need to make the best possible presentation. This book contains everything you will ever need to know about rigs, and is aimed at every carp angler, regardless of age or experience. Carp fishing is a forever evolving thing, so you need the very latest information to stay one step ahead of the crowd. There are no certainties in our sport, but what we are aiming to do is give you the facts that will steer you in the right direction when it comes to rig choice. -

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Okuma - Carbonite Slim Match 8ft

Tackle Review:
Okuma - Carbonite Slim Match 8ft

Was searching for a small rod able to cope on small streams and rivers in overgrown swims/overhanging branches. Made the choice of the 9ft version but unfortunately after a couple of weeks wait was told no longer available. Despite being such terrific little rod Okuma have stopped making them, so opted for the 8ft ratger than a refund. Shame because on first impressions this is a beafy little rod with alot of poke excited to put to the test shortly. Just a shame the Coarse River Season here in The UK has come to an end. Not to worry will put this little rod to the test shortly.

to be continued
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