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Gallions Lake, Thamesmead, London, Kent

Info: tbc on going blog feature
work in progress


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Catch a fish in all 33 London Authorities

Catch A Fish In  All 33 London Authorities (32 Boroughs plus The City Of London) JUST THE ONE REMAINING !!!  THE CITY OF LONDON please follow LINK exclusive pictures, videos regular updates >>ANGLING WITH SHAUN FACEBOOK<< AUTHORITIES COMPLETED 32/33
33: The Tidal River Thames, City Of London *NOT YET COMPLETE*
32: Brickfield Meadows aka The Brick Pit, London Borough Of Croydon. 31: Greenland Dock: Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark. 30: Tom Thumb Lake, Eastbrookend Country Park, Dagenham, London Borough Of Barking and Dagenham. 29: The Lee Navigation, Tottenham Hale to Tottenham Marshes, London Borough Of Haringey. 28: Walthamstow Reservoirs, London Borough Of Waltham Forest. 27: Regent's Canal, Acton's Lock, Broadway Market, London Fields. London Borough Of Hackney. 26: Grand Union Canal, Little Wormwood Scrubs, London Borough Of Hammersmith and Fulham. 25: Eagle Pond, Clapham Common, London Borough Of Lambeth. 24: River Lea, Small Arms, near Enfield Village Island, London …

Catch a Fish from All 69 UK Cities

AWS UPDATE: 25 Apr 19
Catch a Fish from All 69 UK City's Good Evening,
Three birds with one stone. First of the Missions 'Catch A Fish In All 69 UK Cities / Catch A Fish In All 48 English Counties' including another river to add to The English River Quest.
Having almost completed 'Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities' have decided to start this mission early. Shall be taking this at a steady pace and will commence on: The River Great Stour, City Of Canterbury, English County Of Kent 22 Jun 19 Looking forward to an exciting first trip and start to this mission. Hope to meet many of you along the way. More details to follow.
Bye for now 👍😎🎣 _____________________________________________

With The London Mission catch a fish in all 33 London Authorities soon to come to a close. Have been in deep thought as to the next challenge. For some months have pondered the idea of visiting and fishing every City in The UK. For this adventure setting no t…

Catch A Fish From All 48 English Counties

Catch A Fish From All 48 English Counties

AWS Blog Entry: 19 May 19 Welcome to My Angling Blog called Angling With Shaun.

Coming to the point of ending one Mission 'Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities' and taking up next Mission.

There is no need to define this next quest a Mission, or Challenge. Certainly don't want to feel under so much pressure again, to the point of feeling down.

Certainly couldn't put myself through such stress again, that was some Mission really wouldn't want to set a deadline again. Hence taking this one steady. No time scale. No stress whatsoever!

That's not what fishing is all about. Not a task, catching the most, the biggest or setting impossible goals, or being The Best!

That's why taking this at a steady pace, treating each County visit as a holiday. A long weekend. If only had a motor home, didn't have to work would be on the road right now 365 days a year fishing every possibility. But that's just a dream. No differe…