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City Of Bristol: Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities

AWS Blog Entry Saturday 4th January/Sunday 5th January 2020
work in progress
Feeder Canal, Bristol, picture courtesy of Karlon Mc Allister
Traps set come on now let's have it fishhy fishy

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Forget The Bristol Cream here is a Bristol Bream Not wanting to blank, worried about River Avon being unfishable, after last City Outing on The Stour, Canterbury opted to fish The Feder Canal. Don't want to keep you in suspense not one bite all day Saturday or Sunday, Saturday night as soon as it got dark non stop action 6 bream, 4 Ruffe, 3 Perch, 6 Chub, and 2 Dace. All small but at least another City scratched off list. Was hoping to catch a fish in the daylight better quality picture but no joy, as was using a static bait on feeder. Next time one float rod, one ledger rod. A moving bait on a flowing river would have been better in day. More pictures, story to follow over next few days.
Sorry not a great picture, last light and not set up, however worth sharing as a first fish of 2020, although added the Bristol Bream to the claim of a catch from the city. This fish is called a Ruffe or sometimes a Pope, remember back as a child many years ago catching loads of these. Surprisingly never caught one in London, forgotten the last time actually caught one been that long. So a pleasant surprise, catching these in Bristol on The Feeder Canal.
So miracles do happen after being rushed to hospital last week suspected stroke, was advised to learn to let go of Sammy Boy. The constant crying, not eating properly and late nights unable to sleep my body warned me if carried on beating self up, would end up with serious health issues. Had to finally let go, besides my baby boy would not be free all the time seeing me suffer.
Headed off to Bristol crying for the last time even on the coach journey. Arriving in Bristol to go fishing the first person met Haile, not only a wonderful spirited person, who directed on way gave me 2 crates of cider. Yes 2 crates of cider, don't drink but sure had a few this weekend. Along with two swans who kept me company all weekend, just feel in a better place. Been four weeks since losing my dog of 14 years and finally coming to terms with loss and first time not cried this weekend. let's just say maybe the cider helped, and the swans in their mysterious way helped the healing process. Life works in mysterious ways.
Can I have fingers back please
Shame one for sorrow two for joy an old saying when seeing Magpies there was two swans and two Magpies didn't get camera out in time
 Nice went down a treat
Always wondered why Avon scales where not called Avon Bristol or Thames London lol :) 

Thanks to Bev for bringing across a bottle of water for brewing tea, from across road Bristol Rope & Twine Co

 Could see The feeder Canal walking over a bridge viaduct net to police yard and railway, took another hour and a half to get to it
Dark tunnels and places unknown was getting more lost by the minute not having a smart phone dropped in a London Dock
Walking blindly

That trolley is doing me proud now where am I ?
Blimey a Castle ? Somewhere near Kingland Road
more of these needed on waters please

As always if it wasn't for the many wonderful people meet not just on the bank these angling adventures and blog would not exist. Thankful to each and everyone who has made this weekend in Bristol City most memorable. Also whilst here thanks to everyone who has recently liked this page. That's All For Now, see you on the road. Tight Lines may your next bite be a big one or anyone big or small 👍😎🎣 

p.s would have loved to have included you all not everyone met took a picture of or the lovely girl who walked for over half an hour helping with directions.
Not even touched on the weekend really let's just say met many local anglers including this angler who are skilled and well aware of these canoes. Lets just say the weekend wasn't all good. These guys think they own the canal, so be warned if it's your first time fishing on The Feeder Canal in Bristol ! Better still keep away find other suitable areas to fish. On the Saturday good job never set up tackle in night as would have had no rods, these rowers start as early as 6am. Rudely awoken by what thought was The Oxford Cambridge Boat race up and down even in the dark. The fishing was impossible literally as soon as cast out was time to bring tackle in again was that bad. They have no respect or slow down to allow to bring tackle in even close to bank edge. Turned round to make a cup of tea next minute rod pulled off rest smashed tip. To add insult to injury the same 8 man boat 10 minutes later ripped other rod of rest breaking bite alarm, so shocked the speed and quietness of these was not ready and kicked kettle over burning hand covered in blisters. Got videos to share, they even thought it was funny laughing at me. Disgusting !!! To make matters worse these start in the dark, got video footage to share. Again rod ripped off rest first thing Sunday morning, smashed another bite alarm, more lost terminal tackle. Just wait till you see video the rower reckons he couldn't see me in the dark and all anglers should have a light so they can be warned. Hang on a minute if you can't see in the dark um health and safety why be out canoeing in the dark ? Not just anglers at risk from damage, wildlife. Well what can say terrible fishing never be back on The Feeder Canal ever ever again talk about respect sharing the waterways together and showing common decency and respect. It's just not happening here. Over £100 of damage annoyed to say the least.
So as mentioned a wonderful weekend meeting some nice people, just a real shame had tackle smashed by rowers two rod tips broken, 1 prologic alarm a right off, other one damaged still working for how long or how well don't know. Rod rest bent, terminal tackle, weights , feeders lost being snapped up. Not forgetting jumping up to save rod kettle of boiling hot water for a cup of tea kicked over hand blistered up. Just be warning it's a no go zone for anglers unless you have fished here before and well aware of dangers say go elsewhere.
videos to follow
videos to follow
work in progress
work in progress
Just want to say a massive thank you to Roman Tackle who kindly gave a nice hoody to keep warm on travels. Those living in London, and looking for a great tackle shop, you can't beat for friendly service, massive range of stock at terrific prices. Not forgetting quality live bait. I always insist on the freshest quality maggots. Thanks Roman Tackle: https://www.facebook.com/ROMANTACKLE/ 624 Roman Road, Bow, London, E3 2RW United Kingdom Call 020 8880 6555 Pictures kindly taken by Karlon Mc Allister on The Feeder Canal, Bristol City
Okay so really not been doing myself any favors diet is not good one bit ! Mean seriously great weekend fishing, but have to now stop eating crap ! All ate all weekend whilst fishing was rubbish ! Decided no more sugar, limit salt, cut down the chips, cheese, bread, crisps enough is enough ! Must admit though not a drinker but really got a taste for The Thatcher's lovely drop of cider. So from tomorrow morning no more skipping breakfast. You are what you eat, looking more like those mince pies looking feeling worse for wear literally.

One last cast trap set maggot feeder ready filled, big holes taped up steady trickle of feed
Come on now ready for one last fish, not one bite all day, tackle all packed apart from the one rod.
Here fishy fishy
The witching hour having waited since first light not one bite packed everything away apart from the one rod. It was getting dark and couldn't keep eyes open. Then fell asleep for seconds only to watch tip finish moving back missed the only bite of day before heading home. Shame would have been nice for one last fish. 
More to follow:
Bye for now as always may your next bite be a big one or any one big or small 👍😎🎣
As for next City had a change of heart leaving sea fishing trip to Plymouth until close season. Next venue will be Roath Park Lake, City Of Cardiff, Wales...

work in progress , thanks for your patience,
coming soon

Next stop City of Cardiff

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