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Surrey Water, Rotherhithe, London Borough Of Southwark

AWS LOG: 26 Jul 19
After some days of extremely hot weather, the sky's have opened up here at Surrey Water. Taking cover under the trees. A walk round the lake revealed no signs of fish life, ripples or bubbles, bottom stirring. Think its safe to say this is likely to very few fish if any at all. However the only way to find out, is to have another go. Not that fancy it but Hay ho in for a penny in for a pound. The short session had here resulted in no bites. 
Good Evening All,

Surrey Water, Rotherhithe, London Borough Of Southwark

Fishing rights controlled by The New Rotherhithe Angling Club:
Continuing the Recce sessions, research studies towards book writing 'Fishing In London' publication release date to put forward until 2023. Feel another few years knowledge required before able to complete. Thanks to everyone who has already shown encouraging signs of interest requesting a copy. Not forgetting those who have contributed valuable historical archive, stories, pictures, always much appreciated:
Tonight revisited Surrey Water in Rotherhithe, next to The River Thames. On the opposite bank is the well known water Shadwell Basin, Wapping, London Borough Of Tower Hamlets, a well known London water, made famous by those on the London Carp Circuit.
However here at Surrey Water it's a completely different story altogether. No one is to sure what remains in this water after a fish kill. Despite a few sessions here yet to have a bite, see any encouraging signs of feeding bubbles. Do feel its such a crying shame. Would like to see the water quality results, if possible a restocking for the future.

Not in no position at present to commient further, explain any reason for the fish kill as yet. Good fishing was once to be had in the day. If you are an angler who has fished this water, with any further historical content feel free to make contact, any contributions will be much appreciated and credited:

Heard Surrey Water once held a good stock of fish. The original water fountain was removed by Southwark Borough Council due to danger an incident in the summer month's of people swimming out and sitting on fountain. As a result was moved to Burgess Park. Due to water no longer being oxygenation this subsequently contributed to the pollution and fish kill.
Further Updates to follow


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