Monday, 19 March 2018

Guide To Fishing In London

Update: 12 Oct 18

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for long absence here on My Blogger Site. 

Neglected, so long since updated. Sincere apologies those who followed, especially those making contact, asking where been, even upset didn't continue here.

Have spent much time updating dishing quests on Facebook, which many don't use. 

So the good news

Back !

Thing's have moved on since this last post...

Original Post:

Now taking on a rather daunting and difficult quest to explore and fish waters available in London. The main aim here is to look for free, and day tickets, club waters available to fish in London. Can well imagine the researching involved with this next Mission. Hoping to draw together a full list, including detailed travel plan of public transport options for those without a vehicle using a TFL Oyster Pass. Can imagine in foresight just how difficult it will be fishing some of the vast expanse of open waters. There are many used/disused Docks, Locks, Canals, Stillwater, and Rivers to explore. As this will be such a topic to cover given myself at least a few years to get round London and compile a complete guide for any one looking to fish in London. Time will not be committed entirely on fishing around London hence why giving this project at least 3 years to compile. Hoped as with past blog posts able to meet, greet and interview the many anglers who fish this City. Along with usual pictures of venues. Tight Lines 👍🎣

Please note this will be a lengthy on going feature, and at some point I may even decide to produce a website due to the amount of information and research. This is a starting point rather than the finished article. Thanks for your patience.

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As always welcome any input and answers. Feel free to make contact, and look forward to this quest. Making Contact:

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