Thursday, 22 February 2018

In Pursuit Of A Monster Gudgeon (Gobio gobio)

Whilst many are setting targets to catch more noteworthy species like giant carp, out to catch a different Whopper. The Mighty Gudgeon is just one fish planning to break a personal best PB :)


Gobio gobio WIKIPEDIA

The above Monster Gudgeon is estimated to weigh 6-9 oz and was caught by Mr Ashley Bennett from The River Wandle. This fish has been posted all over the internet and on many Facebook and Angling Groups/Forums. Sadly this wasn't weighed and registered to claim The British Record. Undoubtedly in my mind this is a proper Whopper ! No doubt Smashing the current record of 5 oz caught by a Mr D. Hull which has stood for 28 years, caught way back in 1990 from The River Madder in Wiltshire.

Here is the original Facebook Post:
I've said it once and I'll say it again, the UK record for Gudgeon will be broken on the Wandle, and today im pretty sure I broke it!
I took my two boys after school to see if they could sit still for longer than 5 minutes (They couldn't) but they have said many a time they wanted to come fishing with me, so that's what we did, I set the quiver up and was fishing on red maggots, instantly i had a take and it was a small Dace, they loved it! So we sat watching the end of the rod to go round and it did, wouldn't say there was much fight but when I see it come up in the water I instantly thought it was a baby Barbel, until little man netted for me and on closer inspection I see the BIGGEST Gudgeon I've ever seen, this thing was absolutely massive, the boys couldn't quite work out why I was going crazy! To them im guessing it was a small fish. I'm gutted I never had scales or something to keep this beauty in, because I would of got someone down to officially weigh it, but I'm pretty sure I just smashed the UK record!

To read more about this amazing catch you can read more here on an Anglers Mail Feature.


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