Sunday, 10 February 2019

Catch a Fish from All 69 UK Cities

Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities
23rd June, 2019 
English City Of Brighton And Hove, The English Channel, East Sussex
AWS UPDATE: 25 Apr 19

Catch a Fish from All 69 UK City's
Good Evening,

Three birds with one stone. First of the Missions 'Catch A Fish In All 69 UK Cities / Catch A Fish In All 48 English Counties' including another river to add to The English River Quest.

Having almost completed 'Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities' have decided to start this mission early. Shall be taking this at a steady pace and will commence on:
The River Great Stour, City Of Canterbury, English County Of Kent 22 Jun 19
Looking forward to an exciting first trip and start to this mission. Hope to meet many of you along the way. More details to follow.

Bye for now 👍😎🎣

With The London Mission catch a fish in all 33 London Authorities soon to come to a close. Have been in deep thought as to the next challenge. For some months have pondered the idea of visiting and fishing every City in The UK. For this adventure setting no time limits. Could take a very long time to complete. Unlike the lonely sessions experienced out and about in London the plan is not to fish alone. Each City it is hoped will get to meet many along the way. This new blog post is a starting point rather than the finished article. Shall be starting in The City of Ely, Cambridgeshire returning to The River Great Ouse in July. Looking forward to exciting adventures, some wonderful fishing, above all meeting some lovely people on the way.

Ely Cathedral, Ely, Cambridgeshire
work in progress to be continued


1. Bath
2. Birmingham
3. Bradford
4. Brighton & Hove
5. Bristol
6. Cambridge
7. Canterbury
8. Carlisle
9. Chelmsford
10. Chester
11. Chichester
12. Coventry
13. Derby
14. Durham
15. Ely
16. Exeter
17. Gloucester
18. Hereford
19. Kingston-upon-Hull
20. Lancaster
21. Leeds
22. Leicester
23. Lichfield
24. Lincoln
25. Liverpool
26. (City of) London
27. Manchester
28. Newcastle-upon-Tyne
29. Norwich
30. Nottingham
31. Oxford
32. Peterborough
33. Plymouth
34. Portsmouth
35. Preston
36. Ripon
37. Salford
38. Salisbury
39. Sheffield
40. Southampton
41. St Albans
42. Stoke-on-Trent
43. Sunderland
44. Truro
45. Wakefield
46. Wells
47. (City of) Westminster
48. Winchester
49. Wolverhampton
50. Worcester
51. York

Northern Ireland
1. Armagh
2. Belfast
3. Derry
4. Lisburn
5. Newery


1. Aberdeen
2. Dundee
3. Edinburgh
4. Glasgow
5. Inverness
6. Perth
7. Sterling


1. Bangor
2. Cardiff
3. Newport
4. St Asaph
5. St Davids
6. Swansea

work in progress