Friday, 16 February 2018

The River Cray, Kent, England, UK

Info: tbc to be continued blog feature work in progress
Beautiful Roach
Plan to fish The River Cray much more.

The River Cray is a tributary of the River Darent in southern England, rising in Priory Gardens Orpington, where rainwater permeates the chalk bedrock and forms a pond at the boundary between the chalk and impermeable clay. Wikipedia

Length: 14 km

Sources: Orpington, Orpington Pond

In truth don't plan rushing out to replace car which recently broke down, now scraped. Fed up buying cheap old motors that give up, rather save money and buy something half decent this time round. Just can't get over the amount of money spent every month on that piece of rubbish only for the engine to pack up.

Well back on public transport and the push bike concentrating much more on local waters for the time being. Had some great moments on The River Cray.
Well Done Mate ! Always good to catch up with old Friends fishing on The River Cray. Local Gardener from Hall Place Gardens Liam Webb on his lunch break. Just look at that smile. Fishing makes you Happy :)

River Cray Angler Dan Guyton

Dan: Once upon a time at the thames road end you could catch roach of this size quite commonly and often on breadflake - this one was on a worm 👍
Dan: A Hall Place gudgeon- they must be fed well as they are big buggers for gudgeon ;)

Work In progress to be continued


  1. Hi Shaun, have yer been back to the Cray since our last visit on 18th - 19th June, gonna definitely be putting in some time on there this season, speek soon 👍🏻