Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Fishing Every River In England

Fishing Every River In England
River Thames. Appleford On Thames, English County Of Oxfordshire
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Hello and a warm welcome to my Angling blog. In all honesty had to think long and hard what to write about when first starting this blog. Have since gone back to early posts, some of which deleted, others still in the process of completing. Let's just say many of these blog posts are a starting point rather than the finished article, challenges and mission's still yet to complete.

Some Anglers will fish the same venue, week in week out, year after year. That's fine Angling pursuits are different for every individual.

For myself crave variety, different venues and locations. In truth have been accused of being very hit and miss, turning up at venues blind. Hence why tend to catch less specimens than those who put in far more research and time into one or several different waters only.

Do plan to fish a couple of venues more regularly, time permitted and hope to crack a few personal bests in the future.
There are those who have accused me of taking on far to many Angling challenges however there is no time limit, all the time alive and fit to fish.

Doing these mission's for personal reasons not to be competitive. The 'Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities' in a year was a demanding one which thankfully at this time of writing finished all 32. Just the City Of London to achieve.

There are a few other blog posts here missions/challenges hope to complete in the future. So please ignore posts if you come across one yet to finish.

Now taking on 2 more challenges 'Catch A Fish In All 48 English Counties' and 'Catch A Fish In All 69 UK Cities' These missions unlike The London Fishathon are in anyway set to a time scale. Therefore if it takes years at a steady pace that's what plan to do. If only wasn't working and had the funds would gladly take up both quests and fish everyday to complete.

This now brings me onto my other two dreams to fish every river in Britain and every canal. That's the dream and this is the start of that dream. Fished many rivers, and canals over over the past 46 years however shall be starting a fresh here on this blog post. Will be recording every future session. Without sounding morbid hope to complete before pass away. Taking into account 51 year's of age, could take over 20+ years to complete however long it takes not in a race.

As often is the case this blog post is very much a starting point rather than the finished article. And will take many years to complete if ever. However going to give it my best shot and looking forward to many wonderful adventures along the way.
On a further note, well aware some rivers don't allow fishing, or a controlled by club membership, going to give it my best attempt, and enjoy the adventure.

Work in progress.... Starting point rather than the finished article....