Sunday, 30 June 2019

Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, Rotherhithe, London Borough Of Southwark

Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, Rotherhithe, London Borough Of Southwark
Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark
New Rotherhithe Angling Club:
AWS BLOG: 30 June 19
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Good Evening All,
Back at Greenland Dock today, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark. Controlled by New Rotherhithe Angling Club:
What a beautiful sunny weekend. Saturday was an absolute scorcher, so hot 4 pints of maggots for today's session stunk by time got home, made worse fridge going down,  after cleaning ammonia, left under a running cold tap. 
Think ruined them, 4 pints of floating red maggots Arrrrrr was hoping to really get them perch going especially attract the bigger ones. Lesson learnt cool box next time collect bait in the heat, nothing worse than floating maggots watching the coats have a field day.
As for the day itself absolutely Fabulous. Not taking it seriously whatsoever a chilled out, relaxing day, with good company.
Always great to meet up with fishing buddy Stephen beat to the bank, up early there first light, whilst still in bed.
Couldn't be asked with all the gear, or messing around with 2 buses, waiting, going around the houses. Besides was already late enough. Decided to travel light opting for the pushbike, a cheap telescopic rod, a few odds and sods.
On arrival Stephen was literally smashing the perch out 3 over a pound in a short space of time. Here we go a red letter day on the cards. 
Opps the maggots float. Damn! Struggling for so much as a stiff, the slightest movement on float. Nothing. Meanwhile Stephen is still swinging them in. A change of swim bought a few bites, and a small perch, loosing a huge perch Arrrrr
A Fishtastic Day regardless of how many, or rather little caught. Nice to meet many more wonderful members, Baliffs. In all a warm, and friendly club. Well done Stephen. Top Rod on the day.
As always have a wonderful week ahead, if your going fishing tight lines, and may your next bite be a Big One or anyone big or small 👍😎🎣
Eel to finish off day for Stephen 
AWS BLOG: 4 May 19
Good Evening All,
Great day at Greenland Dock, London Borough Of Southwark. Lovely to see my pal Stephen catch his first fish here, ending with 2 Bream and two Eels well done mate.

Unfortunately never got a Greenland Dock Carp today, despite efforts, and pre baiting a swim the last two weeks. Far to many bream scoffing the bait, ending up with 5 dustbin lids. Not forgetting a drop in temperature. Hence why ended up not staying all weekend.

That's All for now 👍😎🎣
Good Morning All,

Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark
Fishing rights controlled by The New Rotherhithe Angling Club:
Fishing its head off this week. Doing the rounds, nice to meet up with Mr Steven Williams, having a great day on the bank. Plenty of fish.

Looking forward to visiting again soon, with some worms for the perch. Be happy pulling one of these in 👍😊
19th April, 2019
Mission : Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities, 32 Borough's, plus The City of London.

Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark

Good Afternoon,

Yesssss! About time to it's another bream. Just two more London Authorities left. Happy Days. Lost count how many attempts other the cold month tried and failed even for a bite.

Authorities Completed: 31/33 Date: 20th April 19

Still on course to complete all 33 London Authorities, 32 Boroughs, plus The City Of London. Thanks for your kind words, and support.

As always tight lines and may your next bite be a big one, or anyone big or small 👍😎🎣
Evening All,

Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark

Back to today, smashed Southwark Borough. Concidering couldn't even scratch a bite in the winter after Mmm 13 attempts had three quality bream out today. Got bored now and increased hook bait to double boilies on one rod and three on the other in an attempt to catch a carp. Not complaining when the bream in here are like this. Happy Days 👍😊🎣

Not wishing to forget my Fishing Friend Stephen and his Brother who came along today. 
Greenland Dock 17 Mar 19
Afternoon All,
Who would have thought this page would come and bite me on the backside. Have I seriously upset people that much. Not like I'm a trophy hunter after bragging rights catching tiny roach, gudgeon etc and the occasional good fish. Okay! Still not caught a fish from The London Borough Of Southwark. Is this any excuse to insult, since when have ever come across as a know it all. Is this a competition? No! Let's get this off chest. It's winter, these are big waters, it's rock hard fishing.
So very upset indeed the haters out there. The insults on the bank. Spent hours days looking for a fish, not so much as a bite here. Is there any need to insult, belittle someone because your so good you live local, feed and fish the same swim everyday!
Funny all these people who are so great not seen them on the bank this winter at Burgess Park, or Greenland Dock whllst been out freezing.
Why insult other Anglers, we can't all be as good as you. But then again if was to fish The same spot for years might just be. Jokers! Even fished this water when you was in nappies.
For the record many modern day carp Anglers, wouldn't have a clue if you gave them a stick float to trot a river, or long distance waggler for silver fish.

Very unhappy and fed up 😒🎣

That's All for today, not one bite again here at Greenland Dock, London Borough Of Southwark...
Tempted to pop in the pub opposite. Second thoughts extra time down at The Den, Sixth Round FA Cup. Millwall are drawing with Brighton. Think will give the beer a miss. Heading back home.
Sorry for upset earlier today, those who unliked page in process.
Have a wonderful week, above all Tight Lines 👍😊🎣

p. s - Brighton and Hove win 5-4 on penalties
Greenland Dock 3 Mar 19

Afternoon All,

Reporting from Greenland Dock, London Borough Of Southwark.

Been saying just one more hour for the past 4 hour's. Still here hoping for that elusive bite and fish on the bank. Been exceptionally windy, had to tie everything down. Not one bite again today. Seriously had enough of this venue, one more hour, that's the lot until the weather warms up. Actually losing count how many attempts tried so desperately to catch a fish in this London Borough. Experimented with all manor of different tactics, baits, including maggots, worms, bread, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, boilies, snails.

Bye for now 👍😎🎣
Greenland Dock 20 Feb 19
Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark.

Good Evening,

Despite lack of any success recently, in it for the long haul if necessary. Sure will eventually hit gold at least get a bite for starters would be nice.
Will be back here in a month or two's time 👍😊🎣
Greenland Dock 16 Feb 19
Meanwhile at Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark.
Still waiting for the new Korum Fast Mat to arrive, in the mean time The Korum Mat Bag remains warm and dry for Sammy Boy, to get his head down, having not seen a fish in the night 👍😂🎣
Update: Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark.

Wasn't to sure whether to share yet another picture with my buddy Sammy Boy. However thought give an update. After an 18 hour session not one bite little upset in all honesty. Went all out for the carp, which didn't show, however turns out the best form of attack here is to target the bream. Moved to several different swims throughout the session. Even more upset when a regular turned up next to me within an hour reeled in a nice bream. Next time it's bream! That's fishing its not always catching 👍😎🎣

Feeling shattered, did manage to get a bit of sleep on the bank today, not much. Hitting the sack, up early heading back to The Regent's Canal, London Borough Of Hackney first light.

Goodnight Zzz Zzz
Greenland Dock 15 Feb 19
Good Morning All,

Just an update really those keen on my latest challenge 'Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities'

Have been in deep conversation today with a top match angler, who has given some excellent advice. Firstly those new to my Angling blog, would like to point out 'No Expert' know a little after 40+ years fishing" fascinated how much still learning after all these years.

Having fished all 33 London Authorities now it's become tougher than ever to complete in the colder weather. Looking back in hindsight would liked to have completed by now, if spent more time on this mission in the warmer month's. However had a car and was keen to escape London at every given opportunity.
So what valuable information did I learn today?

The canals in London are hard at most times especially winter.

1: Most of my sessions have been after work. A valuable point to consider roach don't tend to feed on canals after dark, although have caught some in the dark its rare. So time to focus more attention in the daytime.

2: It's hard enough catching fish from London Canals especially in the winter months. Made increasingly more difficult as temperatures plummet in the night. Therefore have wasted valuable time at night, thus need to focus time more wisely spent at the warmest point of the day.

3: Forget the big maggots. Switched to much smaller fluro pinkies in the hope of scratching a bite or two, hopefully a fish.

4: Also been advised to forget the finely sieved groundbait, change to bread punch fished over liquidised bread.
Hopefully these tips will help land a fish or two this weekend on The Grand Union and Regents Canal. Helping those of you who maybe struggling for a bite.
Will be back out again hunting that elusive Greenland Dock Carp later this evening.
That's all for now, back hopefully with a catch report soon.

Goodnight Zzz Zzz 👍😎🎣
Greenland Dock 13 Feb 19
Good Afternoon,

Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark.

With a water of such incredible size, far less fish than a commercial fishery, there is only one option in my book to find a secret location all of your own. Spotted local Anglers catching carp, however feel its not necessarily cheating jumping into such hot spots, however don't want to upset any Angler who may have spent weeks of hard work money and time. Good to show etiquette. When no one is watching getting some pre baiting started 👍😎🎣
Greenland Dock 10 Feb 19
Update: Mission: Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities, 32 Borough's, plus The City of London.

Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark.

Back for a few more hours late last night 👍
Firstly apologies for the poor picture quality, do think the Huawei P20 Pro mobile phone is on it's way out, as have noticed the quality of some pictures recently gone down hill since first owning. Time to think about looking for an actual digital camera in the future. There is an old saying "What is the heart life of colour a TV? " (since discovered not a saying actually lyrics from a Roger Water song entitled 'Amused To Death') Came to a conclusion years ago that digital tech, seems to have a certain amount of lifespan before giving up the ghost. Guess if everything purchased was to have longevity, not pack up, then companies would go out of business.

Having spent a good day yesterday in extremely windy conditions without a bite, returned home to feed myself, and Sammy Boy.  As is often the case, before leaving swim noticed a few telltale signs of fish activity finally getting their heads down on the feed.

Once back home started getting extremely restless, in two minds to go back out or stay in, so tired opted to stay in, only to lay awake dreaming of the return next day. Couldn't wait any longer, so headed back out the door with Sammy Boy late last night for a few hours.

Unfortunately after a three hour wait, nothing to show for efforts, not a single bite.

Shall be back at Greenland Dock later today, that's all for now, enjoy your day 👍😎🎣
Greenland Dock 9 Feb 19
Greenland Dock with Stephen 9 Feb 2019 

Evening All,

Greenland Dock, River Thames, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark.
Another blank today, still a wonderful day in good company. Always great to meet Fishing Buddy Stephen, who also joined Rotherhithe Angling Club this week. Went for a short walk buy a coffee, much needed as a bitterly cold windy day. The wind was so strong at times the Dock resembled more an ocean, hence the size of waves. Bumped into Terry Stringer fishing The Tidal Thames. Great to meet you.

Not many pictures taken today, hopefully some fish and more snaps next time.
Not long home, quick bite to eat pick up Sammy Boy, and back out for another go, determined to scratch off another London Borough.
Bye for now 👍😎🎣

Terry on The Tidal Thames Close to Greenland Dock

Greenland Dock, Surrey Quays, London Borough Of Southwark
Great to be back here at Greenland Dock after some 25 years. Now a Member of Rotherhithe Angling Club. Great value for money really despite the lack of bites. £25 a year, 365 days, works out just under 7p a day.
Not the fishing remember, not surprising, counted a good dozen cormorants feeding on small fish on arrival, literally a good fifty in area throughout the day.

Never expected an easy ride here on Greenland Dock, although know there are some big lumps in here to be had.
Another hour going to call it a day, always another chance here tomorrow.
Bye for now 👍😎🎣
Moby Dick, 7 Feb 19
Good Evening All,

Now Officially a Member of Rotherhithe Angling Club along with 4 over New Members from a Facebook fishing Group called 'Fishing In London' FIL

Given up trying to catch a fish in winter from Burgess Park Lake, London Borough Of Southwark after 6 attempts.

Hopefully now increase chances of catching a fish from this London Borough with stacks of water to fish, and plenty of fish including carp over 50 pounds, pike, zander bream, perch, catfish lots of other species. Looking forward to fishing one of the many Docks available as a Rotherhithe Member.

Those wishing to fish Surrey Quays, Canada Water, Greenland Dock etc you can do so by visiting The Moby Dick first Thursday of every month. Bargain at £25 a year from 1st January to December 31st.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Sutcliffe Park Lake, and The New Kidbrooke Village, including Cator Park, formerly The Ferrier Estate, London Borough Of Greenwich SE3

Sutcliffe Park Lake, and The New Kidbrooke Village, including Cator Park, formerly The Ferrier Estate, London Borough Of Greenwich SE3
Went for a cycle ride today, whilst many waterways are rapidly disappearing, encouraging signs more appearing, good news not just for fishing, nature and wildlife on the whole.
This place has gone through an amazing  transformation. Kicking myself could have moved back here. Had the choice having once briefly living on the old run down, scary Ferrier Estate.
An eye opener, to say the least, even though was extremely lucky to have a top floor flat with a view over Crystal Palace, not like some poor souls looking into other building's. 
Damn! It was terrible used to go in building tip toe through lifts full of urine, drugs, needles on the stairs it was something out of a horrible movie.
Certainly the best thing at the time getting out of there before being knocked down, although looking at the place now could have been living here, had choice to move back. What an amazing transformation. 
At the time of leaving The old Ferrier Estate the local Public Sutcliffe Park, was there as a flood relief often boggy, with the quaggy running through. A major redevelopment, plan, has seen rejuvenation, an incredible, transformation with a beautiful lake, including marshland, and a nature reserve. Love to know if fish are in there, been a good ten years now and has maturied into lovely parkland Lake.
Moving on from Sutcliffe Park we now move onto the old Ferrier Estate now totally knocked down, demolished, transformed, into a stunning water park village.
These lakes and waterways are new, doubt any fish have been stocked or if any fish eggs have managed to be transferred by wildlife water fowl, sure in time fish life will occur naturally.
My wish is such waters like this one are stocked and opened up to fishing even if only limited fishing access where to be permitted. 
Especially when The New National Angling Strategy aims to get more people fishing... 2019-2024.
Makes perfect sense such waters in prime locations are essential points in delivering the new Angling Strategy, including many more unopened waters across the country, especially Cities, Large Towns, closed to fishing full stop in many now Private Residential Areas.
There you go a total transformation from an old run down Social Housing Estate, now an exclusive address of luxury properties.
Only wish had some old pictures of my own before and after. Let's hope fishing is on the cards here in the future, let's encourage Angling, don't ban it! 👍😎🎣
Before The Ferrier Estate no picture could really portray the place. Taken from net original picture source unknown.