Tuesday, 13 November 2018

A Big Salty Lower Thames Carp

Good Morning All,

The Tidal Thames,

The Lower Thames has been my main focus of late. Not easy fishing by any means. Surprisingly caught Dace here at Greenwich many years ago, and roach as far down as Rainham, London Borough Of Havering. Still not yet caught a salty carp, however all is about to change, and hopefully soon. Can confirm finally in the catch zone carp of 35+ spotted. The homemade boilies are not going to waste on a water that can't produce a 30.

Amazing just how many miles of free fishing is available on The Tidal Thames. Sad more anglers don't tap into it. Even more surprising how few carp anglers have visited. Then again it's not your usual fishing on a lake with known specimens with names. Said before and will say again for the benefit of those reading for the first time. Would gladly catch the odd uncaught virgin carp, than one from a known water. Worth far more in weight of gold than a fish caught many times.

Can now confidentially say after spending hundreds of hours walking in search of these elusive carp. Can fully understand why so few pay the Tidal Thames little if any attention.

My Luck is finally about to change.

Since seeked advice and help off a Fishing Friend, a local angler, who has grown up in the area. He has revealed a secret location excited to visit this week. His knowledge is vast, having spent his lifetime building such valuable knowledge since a child. Could be accused of cheating, no way, put in the hours of research with no results, so don't feel totally guilty for not putting the effort in, and being told such information.

So lucky am I, sworn never to reveal exact locations. The only person shared such knowledge with is my Dad.

Hopefully be on one very soon. In the meantime thanks everyone who has liked my page, and for your continued patience.

As always Tight Lines and may your next bite be a big one 👍😎🎣