Friday, 26 July 2019

Surrey Water, Rotherhithe, London Borough Of Southwark

AWS LOG: 26 Jul 19
After some days of extremely hot weather, the sky's have opened up here at Surrey Water. Taking cover under the trees. A walk round the lake revealed no signs of fish life, ripples or bubbles, bottom stirring. Think its safe to say this is likely to very few fish if any at all. However the only way to find out, is to have another go. Not that fancy it but Hay ho in for a penny in for a pound. The short session had here resulted in no bites. 
Good Evening All,

Surrey Water, Rotherhithe, London Borough Of Southwark

Fishing rights controlled by The New Rotherhithe Angling Club:
Continuing the Recce sessions, research studies towards book writing 'Fishing In London' publication release date to put forward until 2023. Feel another few years knowledge required before able to complete. Thanks to everyone who has already shown encouraging signs of interest requesting a copy. Not forgetting those who have contributed valuable historical archive, stories, pictures, always much appreciated:
Tonight revisited Surrey Water in Rotherhithe, next to The River Thames. On the opposite bank is the well known water Shadwell Basin, Wapping, London Borough Of Tower Hamlets, a well known London water, made famous by those on the London Carp Circuit.
However here at Surrey Water it's a completely different story altogether. No one is to sure what remains in this water after a fish kill. Despite a few sessions here yet to have a bite, see any encouraging signs of feeding bubbles. Do feel its such a crying shame. Would like to see the water quality results, if possible a restocking for the future.

Not in no position at present to commient further, explain any reason for the fish kill as yet. Good fishing was once to be had in the day. If you are an angler who has fished this water, with any further historical content feel free to make contact, any contributions will be much appreciated and credited:

Heard Surrey Water once held a good stock of fish. The original water fountain was removed by Southwark Borough Council due to danger an incident in the summer month's of people swimming out and sitting on fountain. As a result was moved to Burgess Park. Due to water no longer being oxygenation this subsequently contributed to the pollution and fish kill.
Further Updates to follow

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Greys Tactical 15ft Float Rod REVIEW

Verdict On Trial: Greys Tactical 15ft Float Rod
Once again would like to point out not received any sponsorship from tackle or bait companies.

All my reviews are independent and purchased with hard earned money. Hence not going to be happy spending money on rubbish. My reviews therefore come from the heart say it as it is. Besides if something is not great, and you go out and buy rubbish on the back of my reviews, would expect any of you to push me in the drink 😀
What's the verdict on The Grey's Tactical 15ft Float Rod purchased in the close season.
This rod didn't cost the earth, great value for money. You get what you pay for, and more. Nothing at all to look at in the eye candy department. Very plain. However having used this rod to great effect, many times in the last 3+ months. Served its purpose well, from waggler fishing at distance, to long trotting on rivers, including extremely delicate float fishing with lines down to half a pound for small fish catching.
The rod has handled absolutely everything thrown at it. This fish was into double figure and handled an absolute dream on a tiny 22 hook.

Many Thanks to Jim Taylor for taking this action shot picture at Jack's Lake, Cockfosters, London Borough Of Barnet 25 Sept 18

Jack's Lake, Barnet, London Borough Of Barnet

Definitely a trip down memory lane looking back on the one and only trip to this Beautiful venue. Met up with an old Friend Jim for the first time in a long time. A very memorable day fishing the day ticket part of lake.
The fish where not biting, was reduced to using light line bread punch on a size 22 hook in margin to tempt this carp. What an experience to handle on my Greys Tactical 15ft float rod.

Work in progress, looking forward to returning here again one day. A wonderful venue, friendly Baliffs, an all round pleasant, wonderful experience.
Late night I was looking, and feeling a little worse for wear.
Hopefully the day can only get better. The result of losing torch, charging phone off car battery and lights left on Arrrrr

Damn flat battery ! Unfortunately not the start to the day was looking for. Three hours wasted fishing time. Now back on the road. Going to run engine for at least 40 minutes before attempting to fish.
Thanks Keith of LAR Traffic Services 👍
Jack's Lake (Beech Hill Lake) New Barnet/Cockfosters, London Borough Of Barnet.
It's that midnight hour, full moon tonight. Most of you will be tucked up warm and cosy in your bed.
Only half hours drive from Hertford, looking forward to first light. Would you believe it torch packed up, make matters worse left mobile in car. Not wise, just spent a good 45 minutes lost in the dark, in Covert Way Nature Reserve LOL 🤣
Not so funny really, thankfully my dog Sammy Boy managed to find his way back on route, for a moment thought would end up sleeping rough in the woods.
Okay, time to get some shut eye, and hopefully some fish tomorrow, wipe another London Borough off the list. Goodnight Zzz Zzz

The Tidal River Thames, Isleworth, London Borough Of Hounslow

Returning back to Memory Lane. The Tidal River Thames, Isleworth, London Borough Of Hounslow. Nice day for a cold beer this place owes me a fish shall return soon 👍😎🎣
Another place happened to fish on a handful of occasions. Unfortunately failed to catch anything here despite every effort, before giving up trying and heading to The River Crane to catch a fish in order to scratch off The London Borough Of Hounslow Mission to catch a fish from all 33 London Authorities.

Shall be back here in the future, as not giving up trying. Maybe another time, different tactics will be able to scratch this venue off the list.

Forthcoming blog updates to follow work in progress...

Brickfield Meadows aka The Brick Pit, South Norwood, London Borough Of Croydon

Brickfield Meadows

Many trips, fond memories here despite difficulty catching, in the colder months. Felt after so many trips, wanted to do a separate blog post to accompany those memories, and future trips.

22th April, 2019
Get in there! Yesssss! All 32 London Borough's complete. Just The City Of London remaining.
A difficult South London Urban Angling Session. This proved to be a rock hard venue to crack.
Later in the day removed weights, started free lining in the margins. Missed one bite, followed by a lost fish. What can I say not the greatest shot late at night, but what a pretty fish. Could stay for more, unfortunately all good thing's come to an end, back to work tomorrow. Time to head off home get some sleep. Absolutely Delighted 😊
Authorities Completed: 32/33 Date: 22nd April 19

Still on course to complete all 33 London Authorities, 32 Boroughs, plus The City Of London. Thanks for your kind words, and support.

As always tight lines and may your next bite be a big one, or anyone big or small 👍😎🎣
No carp feeding, or caught by anyone here today. Staying till the morning if have to.
Actually caught over 200 small fry in the landing net. Unfortunately they don't count 👍😂🤣😂🎣
Just the City Of London to complete, which is an Authority not an actual Borough.
Lovely to be visited by Lee and his wife Julie. 
Shame had to leave early due to rod breaking.
So happy to see John also who cycled miles to visit.
Wonderful swingtip, which very much look forward to using on the docks. 
Not to forget Charly who also dropped by.
A lovely warm day, missed a couple of Bites, lost one fish, managed late on to break this Borough catch one.
Happy to finally cross the line and get back to some decent Angling, without the stress. Not that it's all been stressful, however have been limited in quality angling adventures. Shall be back in The City Of London soon.
That's all for now, thanks to everyone who has liked page, shown support and encouragement. Especially those who have come out to visit on the bank along the way. Been a very memorable journey and rewarding experience.
Bye for now 👍😊🎣

AWS BLOG ENTRY: Date to be confirmed 

Looking back at videos  from memory lane this evening this one is cut a bit short. 

Didn't catch nothing that day at Brickfield Meadows aka The Brick Pit, London Borough Of Croydon. 

Mind you was great day, met a lovely angler. Weather wise very odd, gorgeous sunshine, despite, very strong winds, sun was shining until the hail stones came down. 

Sammy Boy enjoyed day out, always loves coming fishing, being on the bank. 

Was good to check a latest purchase new Sonik Xtractor Rods and a set of Prologic Alarms. Certainly need some back bar bobbins next time, as wind was blowing chains. 

This was a tough venue to catch a fish over the winter, early spring month's. However despite struggling, persevered.

Finally at long last eventually cracked this venue after so many attempts to tempt a fish and cross off The London Borough Of Croydon from my Mission to Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities. 

Certainly be back here again sometime. Dispite the difficulty catching, met some wonderful people, and have fond memories. 

.. Further updates and AWS BLOG Feature/Link to follow...

More memories pictures and videos to follow 
Further Updates to follow

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Korum Fast Mat REVIEW

Having purchased this unhooking mat some months back pleased to say it's an excellent piece of kit. As you can also see my dog absolutely loves it 😂🤣😂
Was looking for a lightweight unhooking mat especially taking into account the need to travel light, on public transport, no longer having a car.

This mat is great, loved it on first impressions, wouldn't be without it now, nor would Sammy Boy 👍🤣🎣
 A well tested piece of kit that can't be faulted. Ideal for travelling light.
 Further pictures, and updates to follow.
Sammy Boy maiming his self at home 😂🤣😂
Ideal for smaller specimen fish
to be continued 

Dinsmores Power Drive Banksticks REVIEW

Surprising taken so long to purchase some of these Banksticks. Having had major problems fishing The Tidal Thames not being able to get a bank stick into such hard surface, or secure keepnet or bait tray decided to invest in these. Let's just hope they do the business. 
Full field test and review to follow.

Preston Innovation ICS In-line maggot feeder REVIEW

Actually ordered The Large Drennan Maggot feeders from Anglers Direct and these turned up. Nothing like wanted, not sure these will hold bottom on The Tidal Thames. For the record a new name for Anglers Direct 'Out Of Stock' 🤣

Anyway back to the product in question, not sure these will do what wanted for a forthcoming match The Thames Tidefest. 

This product will come back to once had chance to use... to be continued... Facebook Pist/Comments 

Abu Garcia 507MKII REVIEW

Unfortunately the 507MKII fails, not a fraction as good as the original classic 507 much loved by river anglers. A massive disappointment and waste of money. 
Original 507 with the 507MKII
One of the worlds most advanced Reels what a load of rubbish! Terrible quality unable to even use. So disappointed! Check out the awful spools cheaply made plastic. Rather have one quality one than 4 useless ones, that have burrs of plastic sticking out and rub like crazy.
Replacement spool pipe cleaner.
The release button doesn't work all the time, mind of it's own.
Take a close look the main reel spool casing is cross threaded. Several attempts to take off and put back on again. And check out the finish terrible workmanship, lack of little or no attention to detail. 
Awful 0 out of 10 don't waste your money. 
Abu Garcia For Life lol 🤣 once a great company with quality products sad to see such a great company go down the pan Facebook Post/Comments
Forget all the fancy tech data it all sound's impressive, until you open the box and look at it. This reel you wouldn't even be able to use, so badly constructed. 
Here's a song by the legendary Neil Young that fits the description of this product perfectly. Piece Of Crap!
Made in China not that knocking everything made in China because that's not always the case. However no longer the expert craftsmanship Anglers grew to love when originally made in Sweden.
So the honest opinion save your hard earned money, stay clear of this product!
0 out of 10. Even the case is tacky crap!