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The River Shuttle, Kent, England, UK

Next mission The River Shuttle in Kent, England, UK

The River Shuttle is a small tributary of the River Cray in London, United Kingdom. The river rises at two or more springs between Avery Hill and Eltham in the Royal Borough of Greenwich at the junction ...Wikipedia

Mouth: River Cray

Country: United Kingdom

The River Shuttle - 12th of February 2018
Personally had no intention of ever fishing this small stream. However since the car broke down having to explore other venues locally. Also heard and seen pictures of fish coming out of this tiny little river.
So today despite having a chest infection for the past couple of weeks decided a good walk would do me good hopefully clearing the mucus off chest, fresh air being better than sitting around in doors.
Tend to spend many more hours these days walking up and down rivers or around lakes in search of future fishing spots. It's important to do your homework by doing such reccies. Especially important on rivers location being a most important factor. Nothing worse than sitting there all day in a fishless spot.
So walked the whole stretch from start to finish 7/8 miles from it's source in Avery Hill and Eltham right the way to it's meeting of The River Cray in Bexley. Absolutely shattered but worth the long walk discovering some nice runs as it twisted and turned. My dog Sammy Boy loves it to.
So now learned more about this tiny little river look forward to learning much more and wetting a line very soon.

Bye for now and tight lines ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽฃ


Tuesday 27th February 2018:

With severe weather warnings a late night getting back from Mitcham in Surrey on The Magic River Wandle, not arriving home till near midnight decided to visit The Shuttle today for a few hours fishing.  As much as would like to have fished today on The River Wandle just couldn't face travel delays to Colliers Wood. This was my first visit to fish The Shuttle. Unfortunately the fish where not biting today.

Had to stock up on hooks and new hooklength line before arriving. Stopped off at Anglers Rest tackle shop in Welling. Fed up waiting for B14 bus to arrive started tying some hooks ready to set up quickly on arrival. Got some strange looks from car drivers going by lol ๐Ÿคฃ

Unusual fishing surroundings was keen on catching a fish on this old rod not seen the light of day for over 30+ years. Great little rod perfect for tiny rivers and streams.

Even though didn't bite it's always pleasing being by the waterside. Especially love the  therapeutic sound of flowing water.

Even though the snow was falling surprisingly the weather wasn't that cold. At some points the sun was shining so bright felt was getting a sun tan. ๐Ÿ‘

Maggot and bread today. Not good to over feed on small rivers and streams, especially this time of year in cold winter weather. Fed 2 or 3 maggots every 20 - 30 minutes. Always limit your feeding until such time you start to get bites. Not even a nibble ๐Ÿ‘Ž

Was travelling very light and did not stay in any swim for more than 15/20 minutes as walked down river hoping to spot a fish, better still get a bite. No joy even as the afternoon sun started setting. Normally a good time when the fish start to bite.

Never gave up in hope of that tip going round. Fingers and toes where starting to get a little cold by now. Hence why not always a good idea doing long winter spells on such a small river. A few hours was more than enough today.

Will I be back another day. Most certainly. Fushing isn't always about how many or how big your catch is. Catching a fish from here is A challenge and in all honesty find more rewarding than sitting on a big river. Look forward to returning once the weather warms up hopefully will catch one before the end of the freshwater/coarse river season which ends on 15th March.

Bye for now, and Tight Lines ๐ŸŽฃ

Messing About On The Stream
by Action Man Dan

- work in progress to be continued -

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