Thursday, 14 March 2019

Affordable Fishing for All!!! Council’s Overcharging for Public Parks, and Outdoor Open Spaces

Affordable Fishing for All!!! Council’s Overcharging for Public Parks, and Outdoor Open Spaces.

Not the greatest picture cropped from a video made yesterday. Want to talk in more detail about:

Affordable Fishing for All!!! Council’s Overcharging for Public Parks, and Outdoor Open Spaces.

For The Angling Trust to really get more people on the bank its time Council’s, local Authorities and Government played their part...

Having spat dummy out yesterday would like to touch again on this subject the cost of fishing. Especially at a time when The Angling Trust is trying to encourage more people to go fishing.

Now let's point out have no problem paying for a day ticket especially on commercial waters that are stocked. Fishery Owners, Management and Staff need to make a living and charge in order to up keep waters, restock and above all make a living.
This Venue in South London is just one example of many waters across the country that are charging extortionate fees on top of council tax! At least a reduction should be in place for local residents!

1: Firstly the prices here at South Norwood Lake, London Borough Of Croydon Bailiff Office are different to those on website. What's more how are people, youngsters especially to be encouraged to fish when there is no alternative price listing for those wishing to fish for a few hours, after school, college, or a stressful day at work for example.

2: What makes certain Public Lakes able to charge fees to fish when very often are no different to other Council Waters that are free.

3: Park Upkeep is part of everyone's Council Tax Bill as far as aware. So why are Anglers having to compensate for the extra cost.

4: Does the money/profit ever go back into such Park lakes with reference to fish stocked.

5: The prices here at this public park lake are very much over priced. For example just £1 less per rod for a Junior, disabled, OAP ticket!

6: As for the yearly permit let's not forget that this particular Council Water was shut most of the year due to Algae bloom. Wonder just how many Anglers had a part refund to compensate for their loss of time unable to fish due to closure.

7: For £68 can name many Clubs worth joining with far more waters, and better quality fishing.

8: Like many Angler's call for more all round waters that offer a wide range of species NOT JUST CARP!

Croydon Borough Council you should be ashamed at charging such steep prices for a Public Space, along with many councils across the country.

Fishing is a healthy pastime, it's also a great activity for youngsters. Think its high time it was encouraged with half price day tickets and more realistic prices.

Back as a youth we never had PlayStation fishing was one of the biggest pastimes in the country. Crime was also alot less. Remember every space on the bank full of Anglers, sometimes shoulder to shoulder. With such steep prices is it any wonder so few are encouraged to fish South Norwood Lake and others across the country.

Rant Over 🤔🎣

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