Thursday, 27 February 2020

City Of Ely: Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities

to be continued
Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities, The River Great Ouse, English City of Ely, Cambridgeshire

Sorry for the delay posting yet another ugly mug shot, difficult doing a selfie in the dark and pouring rain, not that need any excuses, no rewards in the beauty department, then I'm a fisherman rough and rugged lol

So after a few day hours fishing in Cambridge with good buddy Richard we headed off to his home City of Ely. Had the most amazing Sunday dinner, especially as it was my birthday twenty-two again. Later that evening Richard dropped off at Ely. Whilst Richard banged out loads of small silvers on his pole set about putting up the Fox Supa Brolly in high winds not a pleasant experience. Richard then headed off home and was left all on lonesome.

Set up a Zander rod hoping to catch one in the night, or maybe a pike but nothing. On the other line set up a small stick float and from the first cast and last cast had a fish a chuck. Having no keepnet used the landing net just to catch a few for a quick picture, before catching and releasing. After half an hour gave up to resort to bed. Remember crashing out until early morning waking up freezing cold, shaking having to run around and make a hot brew to warm up.

Started fishing again at first light hoping for a nice perch that didn't show. Then continued to catch a fish a chuck, but only tiny limited to a little feed unable to feed them off for the bigger fish. Ending up with over 300+ small stuff roach, bleak, dace, skimmers, and perch. A wonderful weekend.

Richard dropped his children off at school, before coming to pick up, having another bash on his pole whilst packed away. Returning to a nice warm home, hot shower, and a clean set of clothes and a trip to finish off at Bury St Edmonds driving cross country on a huge tractor that’s another story. What a fabulous weekend one will never forget.

Next stop Cardiff, that’s all for now as always Tight Lines, may Your next bite be a Big one or anyone Big or Small…. Best Fishes Shaun

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

City Of Cambridge: Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities

City Of Cambridge: Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities 23rd February 2020
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Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities, River Cam, English City of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

The Fishing Gods where looking down on my birthday, was delighted to scratch off another City 👍😎🎣

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

AWS School Of Angling

Angling Lessons Facebook page
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Let's hope we can get Alison a fish next time out
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to be continued