Thursday, 22 February 2018

Marsh Farm Fisheries, Milford, Surrey, England, UK

Early morning arrival on a bitterly cold December morning waiting outside this now famous fishery. Unfortunately no fishing today as lakes where frozen over. However not upset in the slightest my mission to visit and fish did not go to plan.

VENUE: Marsh Farm Fishing Complex
ADDRESS: Marsh Farm Fisheries, Station Lane, Milford, Surrey, GU8 5AE, England, UK
DETAILS: work in progress
WEBSITE: Marsh Farm Fisheries
RATING: 🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟

Please note that all my venue visits are unannounced and no such favouritism is shown. My reviews are totally independent and as such will not be altered. Ratings are based on many factors. Maximum of 5 Stars based on least but not least the following factors. Quality of fishing, condition of fish, landscape design, accessibility,  disabled swims, staff hospitality, cleanliness i.e litter, facilities i.e toilets, dogs allowed etc...

Was much hoping if not dreaming about catching a Cruician today in winter. That being said although a Spring/Summer feeding fish did do my research and they do come out in the colder months. Thanks to the bailiff for informing me had wasted my journey coming today as fish where not feeding and lakes iced over. However certainly not a wasted day thanks to a long time Member for taking the time and trouble to show me around Godalming Angling Society's Johnson's Lake. And not forgetting to mention John The Bailiff for a morning coffee on the house. So incredibly impressed not just with the landscaping and litter free site. Staff and members where friendly and courteous. 

Johnson's Members Only Guided Tour

Despite not wetting a line today was not let down. Completely taken back by the hospitality of Staff, including a Member of Godalming Angling Club who showed me around Members Only Johnson's Lake home to The British Record Crucian Carp broken not once, twice but a staggering three times

What a magnificent looking lake very grateful to Club Member who wishes to remain anonymous. Not just for his time showing me lake, also his detailed guided tou Very early morning hence the dark picture. Totally convinced and excited at the prospect of fishing this water and being a member of this club in the new season 2018/19 especially the thought of fishing a water that contains such incredible fish and true record breaking Crucian Carp.


Here at Marsh Farm Complex you will find an on-site tackle shop called Apollo Angling Centre. Now bare in mind most on-site venue tackle stores visited over the years expected and guaranteed to spend above and beyond high street prices ! Hence why always purchase bait and goods before arriving to any venue. However certainly not here ! They even Prices beat mists stores visited  Fresh bait ! Top quality huge range of Tackle !

Now check out the on site tackle shop ! Unlike many fishing venues visited over the years often been stung forgetting bits of tackle or bait needed to purchase on site. Not here ! Taking into account weekend before trip to Fairlands Valley in Stevenage where lost many hooks and feeders had to stock up on a few bits. The prices where no different to the high street. What's more they are able to match/beat any online fishing shop. On top of this one couldn't ask for more tried my staff. Not only did John The Bailiff sort me out a much needed hot coffee on the house. The staff here where very pleasant, kind and courteous. They even gave me directions to local cafe. What a Great Tackle Shop !

So after walking around Johnson's Lake made the decision to skip the fishing due to the extreme cold weather and lakes frozen and took a walk around this most Incredible breathtaking fishing complex...


Looking forward to attended this centre to do my Angling Trust Coaching Courses later this year. This complex even has it's own on site designated pond for teaching anglers. Amazing !


Specially made for Angling Coaching

 Shelter from the weather elements for courses. Amazing !
 Even a built barbeque for training Godalming Angling Society even give free  weekend lessons for the kids. Amazing !


Even more happy was able to take my dog Sammy Boy for a walk. Top Marks in my book. Not many venues allow dogs on site. Bearing in mind dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, and all meds to be bagged and disposed of.


work in progress -  many many more pictures to be uploaded thanks for your patience.... to be continued shortly πŸ‘πŸŽ£

A short journey fron venue there is a cafe in town called Godalming Cafe. Had a wonderful breakfast the only downside was the awful parking having to park far away due to a busy Saturday and yellow lines.

Yet to even touch the tip of the iceberg with some posts already posted to date on this new blog in its early infancy less than a week old. Already overwhelmed the number of views and compliments. Have rushed to add posts rather than complete quality content. Please bare with me, as plan to slow down and rectify this over the coming days and weeks.

work in progress starting point rather than the finished article please come back soon thanks for your patience

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