Sunday, 18 February 2018

London Anglers' Association Members Handbook and Rule Book 1980

Back to 1980.

Had the pleasure of fishing some incredible waters in my youth. Was a member of The London Anglers Association for a couple of seasons. Looking back just can't remember where or which venues fished. Only wish had kept a diary. Did however make notes and tick all the venues fished controlled by LAA in their Members Handbook and Rules Book. Unfortunately joined the army and stored this book away with my parents. They obviously had no idea how sentimental and important this book meant and threw in the bin. As a child was absolutely amazed and excited just reading this handbook dreaming of days out on their venues. For years have searched the internet in search of this book with no joy whatsoever. Finally have been able to track down a copy which looking forward to collecting next month.

Doubt will remember many of the places fished as a child or who owns such waters now. Sadly many waters grew up fishing as a child are either overgrown, polluted, private, or lakes filled in made way for new motorways and housing. Even some rivers have fond memories have been rerouted, built on, vanished from sight flowing underground.

Looking forward to tracing my childhood fishing haunts and hopefully get to fish some of them.

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