Thursday, 22 February 2018

Fishing Small Rivers And Streams by Paul Duffield

Fishing Small Rivers And Streams 
by Paul Duffield
A Full colour illustrated guide


With so many well stocked commercial carp fisheries available these days, rivers, especially small streams and the tributaries of larger rivers, see far fewer coarse anglers if any at all, than was the case 20 or more years ago.

It's true that small rivers and streams don't offer easy fishing with the prospect of several plump 5lb to 10lb carp hooked and banked at the end of the day, but with light tackle, a chub or perch of a few pounds or a roach pushing the pound mark can put up just as exciting a fight.

Even the smallest streams can contain surprisingly large coarse fish in the deeper pools, while rivers that are almost narrow enough to jump across with a depth of a just a few feet can hold large shoals of fish.

In this fully illustrated colour guide the author draws on over 40 years of coarse fishing experience to explain the tackle, tactics and bait needed to catch a variety of fish including barbel, chub, dace, roach and pike from small rivers and streams.

You don't need a lot of expensive tackle to start small river coarse fishing, if you're already an angler you probably have most of what you need already, so why not give it a try? It will add variety and another dimension to your sport and might just become your favourite style of fishing.

Off to fish the tiny River Shuttle this weekend. Ordered this wonderful book which has just arrived today very much looking forward to reading and putting some of this books pages into practice. Will be updating this post with a review shortly.

work in progress, this book review is a starting point rather than the finished article

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