Friday, 16 February 2018

An Angler's Guide to The River Wandle by John O'Brien

An Angler's Guide to The River Wandle by John O'Brien

O WoW ! Taking into account Dad used to skinny dip lol :) and fish The River Wandle as a child over 70 years ago, been excited about the prospect of fishing this little river for sometime now. Heard of some fantastic catches reading the Facebook Group The Wandle Trust now there is a new book available
In memory of Jed Edge . a fine fisherman and great friend of the Wandle.

with expert input from Theo Pike, Jason Hill and Stewart Ridgway.

January 2018


The River Wandle is a true chalk stream flowing north from the Downs around Croydon and Carshalton to join the Thames at Wandsworth. Before the industrial revolution it was one of the finest trout rivers in England. It was reduced to an open sewer in the mid 20th century but is now recovering strongly. It has a good head of coarse fish plus a newly established, self sustaining population of Brown Trout. This 50 page booklet, with many photos and a fold out map, is writen by anglers for anglers. As well as a full exploration of the river, it contains fishing tips for the fly fisherman and the coarse angler. All proceeds go to The Wandle Piscators Club to be used for updating and re-printing the book as necessary. The Author is happy to sign copies if you request it.
An Angler's Guide to the River Wandle by John O'Brien
To say absolutely over the moon with this new book is an understatement. Most will recognise me from music album review's, this will be my first book to review. On first impressions it's beautifully written and presented. Taking into account my car has recently broken down and now resorted to public transport this book is a blessing in disguise. Not just containing tips for both fly fishermen and coarse anglers. There is a great fold out map with all underground tube stations and main line trains. Many Thanks to John O'Brien

Since uploading this post have had a number of people contact me about Jed. Unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting this loveable character. From these messages have learnt that he touched many people's lives. He taught many youngsters how to fish and is sadly missed not just by those who knew him for fishing The River Wandle, but for the his warm witty personality. Have decided to add a few pictures not included in the book kindly forwarded by The Author John O'Brien.
Jed and Ziggy in the Wandle
Jed fly tying
 Jed and a Wandle barbel
conclusion: Hi finished reading book now from start to finish in all honesty living near Bexleyheath it's a long trot for me without having a little knowledge. Now excited about first trip to Wandle. Wouldn't attempt a wasted long journey otherwise. Great book/guide for a fiver can't go wrong. Can see myself falling in love with this little river 👍

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