Sunday, 14 October 2018

Good Angling or The Law Of Averages ?

Next time you pick up a copy of your favourite weekly or monthly magazine, open the pages, to look at with awe. Think how would the select few get on at an average venue, with average tackle, and bait like the rest of Us ?

Maybe do have a feeling of jealousy, waters and angling some of us could only dream about. Not taking away the fact Journalists, so called Top Anglers who are living a dream. All down to averages, water potential, fish stock, pre baiting. Tackle, and free bait sponsorship. 

The Challenge to any of today's Pro Angler's. Get off your pedestal and come down a level ! No flash tackle, heavily stocked, expensive, dream venue's. Let's read some fishing reports that are on a level with the majority, rather than stories, and pictures of your catches, most of us can only dream about. Let's see anyone of you take up the challenge of fishing somewhere hard, and difficult. 

Good morning All,

Truth be known burnt out. Had little time off to reflect, being out most days fishing, if only for an hour or two before or after work. The past however many months has taken it's toll on me  Been a struggle at times, not that its always fishing, often walking miles, and miles in search of locations. Hope of finding secret honey pots along the way, speaking to various anglers indebted for sharing their angling knowledge, and experience.

So today as yesterday had no option to take a short break this weekend. Certainly not due to lack of commitment or passion.

Going to be honest and totally straight with you all. I read a great deal from Top Anglers who question whether they are going to catch. Top Anglers who are sponsored by big bait and tackle companies. The privileged few. Come on now ! Without being jealous sure many of us would love to spend just a few hours in your shoes. Worried about catching. Try spending a session on The Regents Canal, or some hard going tiny London river, with just a few pennies to spare for a loaf of bread. Moaning when really your in a world the average angler can only dream about. All the bait you could possibly throw a stick at, new tackle, not forgetting the best fishing venues in the land, most of us could only ever dream.

The moral of this story,  there are those amongst us who don't have the luxury of free bait, the opportunity to fish exclusive and expensive prime waters. Only very few get to live that dream. Refuse to get jealous spit my dummy out. Those here who have questioned my ability, even lack of fish. Trust me put in the hours, even finishing work going straight to a water, only to go straight back into work the next morning. Sleeping rough for night's on end often not even going home for over a week at a time. That's just reality.

Don't get me wrong not bitching, or getting my pants in a twist. Love fishing regardless of what, or lack of catching. However like everyone here it's nice to have the occasional red letter day. Have become emotional and low at times, which is not right. The amount of hard earned money on bait and travel, only to sit all day without so much as a bite. Going home blanking. Still as mentioned here before 'A bad day's fishing is still better than a good day at work'

In the meantime happy not to follow the crowds, getting enjoyment fishing totally obscure venues that no one else would ever dream of fishing. Happy scratching a bite, a fish if lucky, the odd shopping trolley, making do with what got. Be it only a few slices of bread at my disposal, or even using a piece of tackle over 50 year's old. 

Unfortunately as in all walks of life, not everyone is blessed with such opportunities, and angling will always be a case of the haves and have-nots. Class division, the rich and the poor.

But let's not forget, regardless of opportunities enjoy fishing for what it is. The peace, tranquility, and relaxation. Size of fish isn't everything, although the occasional bigger fish does put a smile on my face.

There is something certainly to be said about Location. Always Location, Location, Location Fact !

Looking out the window tempted to visit The Dell despite the pouring rain. However think time out, for the first time in months, will do some good. Happy to be in doors chilling.

Till next time Folks, Tight Lines 😎👍🎣

Remember next time you read the Angler's Mail or Time's. You won't come close on an average venue with, average baits and fish stock. Super Baits, Super Venue's, Super Fish Stock = Super Results, that only the selected few are lucky to experience.


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