Thursday, 18 October 2018

Hunt for first thirty pound carp is on

One from last night...

The Dell, Royal Artillery Garrison, Woolwich, Royal Borough Of Greenwich, London, SE18

Good morning long way off the thirty mark tonight but not complaining 😄👍🎣 Where am I ? To make matters more difficult not on a water that contains many big fish, the record told is 28Ib however sure such a fish would be pushing easy thirty by now since last capture.

To get that thirty going to have to move on  from The Dell pronto, to another venue with far more bigger fish, increase chances.
Once again it's all down to location, and the law of averages. Determined to catch the big one out of here however, got to face facts. Time here would be far better spent elsewhere.

That will do for tonight, needed a fish at least to get confidence back, especially after recent tough waters visited.
Goodnight Zzz Zzz

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