Saturday, 13 October 2018

Fishing Baits

Fishing Baits -work in progress-


Blackberries are a natural free seasonal bait. Will often collect in the summer months and freeze. Find they work well mixed in with your groundbait for extra flavour. Had carp, and chub in the past although not much in recent years.


Cheese is a great chub bait.

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs are an excellent bait and most cases cheaper than luncheon meat.
Try it for yourself, sure you will have much success. Fish love it ❤️ Barbel, Carp, Chub

Luncheon Meat (forefront) 

This particular variety is Spam, the fish love it, particularly carp, chub, barbel, I adore it yum 😄


Good old fashioned maggots will catch anything from a minnow to monster carp, fish love them.

Continuing on with baits in this photo album mainly for those reading new to angling. Many more baits here still to add.


Prawns are an amazing bait, caught many fish on these mainly  carp, perch, and chub. Perch especially love them.
The only downfall is they are a bit on the expensive side. And be warned left in the fridge for a few days they can quickly go off, resulting in a putrid smell.

to be continued work in progress

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