Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Fishing Session Hollow Boat Pond, Whipps Cross, Leytonstone,within Epping Forest, London Borough Of Waltham Forest London.


Early Morning Start First Fishing Session at Hollow Pond.
Last Time Unless Get's Restocked With Fish !

First sight on arrival at Hollow Pond with Sammy Boy now let's go find Stephen ! Where is He ? Can't be far it's only a pond ? Call this a pond its a giant lake. There he is would you believe it the other side of the lake/ Along walk to find Stephen Whipps Cross Hospital side. Got off bus two stops early. This is the last thing need another walk, fully loaded up with fishing tackle, bait, accessorizes. Mind you what a beautiful walk.

Arrangements where made to meet London Based Angling Buddy Stephen, for a final London fishing session, before taking a London break, looking forward to heading for further destinations. We finally came to a decision mid week to return to the excellent West India Dock, South Quay. Late Friday evening just couldn't face another Urban London Docks Session. Needed to sit back and relax. Especially taking into account the noise of the DLR Docklands Light Railway, mind you that first session didn't help fishing directly under the railway bridge. Called Stephen and said pick a venue need somewhere nice. Stephen had often talked of Hollow Pond a venue which owed him a fish, so a late minute change of choice was made to meet at Hollow Pond. Hopefully he could catch his elusive fish. Let's just say wasn't convinced of a good days fishing on fishing reports heard in resent years.
I Spy with Big Soppy Brown Eyes Someone beginning with S ?
Reason for today's trip was important to tick off another London Fishing Venue. More importantly at which stage of fishing in recent weeks was yearning for nature, had reached a point at which needed a break from concrete, hard standings, especially a break from the docks, canal paths, mad runners, more so cyclists not respecting signs saying 'drop the pace share the space' it's a rat race out there Urban Angling. To the point had tackle smashed, almost pushed in, dog knocked into. pushed to ground, just not safe on today's busy London canal towpaths.
Today was to be a breath of fresh air, a most beautiful place to visit. Only wish had taken more pictures on route to Stephen almost half hour walk away, or at least it felt like it. Lovely to have a walk around Hollow Boat Pond, one of many waters in Epping Forest.
Alway's A Good Sign To See shame No Fish
Needing Space, was also especially looking forward to fishing somewhere a little shallower than some waters fished recently up to 33ft, however wasn't expecting anything like was to witness, totally the opposite end of the spectrum, lay before eyes, more so depths of inches, rather than feet yards out, watching dogs on all parts of lake walk out, water barely above belly yards out before finally kicking paws and swimming. Definitely a good sign of deeper holes :) Even the Swans standing far out wasn't a particularly good sign either.
Come On Let's Go And Meet Stephen.
The Day was soon to become Sammy's Day.
AWS Blog Post: 19 Oct 19
Evening All.
A first fishing session here, taking along Sammy Boy, meeting up with Stephen at Hollow Ponds, Whipps Cross, Leytonstone,within Epping Forest, London Borough Of Waltham Forest.
Absolutely knocked off feet, can hardly keep eyes open, done a great deal of walking. Yes ! Beats all that concrete jungle, beautiful morning, day, although the fishing was rubbish, hence only stayed half the day. Water well down, fishing spots from 0 to rod lengths out and barely finding much depth. Struggling plummeting depths on the float setup from 0 to 16 inches of water, Swans could be seen standing many yards out yards out. Shallow WoW !
There He Is ! Finally spotted again
Stunning place to visit though, have a walk around, just not rating the fishing. Rock hard ! various tactics and target species today. Spinning various plugs, and spinners had no takes, from any Perch or Pike. Long range waggler did manage to locate slightly deeper water, hoping could find fish at least scratch a bite nothing. Nothing on feeder or bomb at range. A beautiful day nonetheless Sammy, all had a Fabulous day.
Still A Long Walk
Wasn't Long Before Sam was in The Water Stephen Finding A Ball :)
Back to the fishing it was not so good rumors of all fish being netted, stories of people waiting days for a bite, what little fish remain for such a vast amount of water.
With not one bite to show between us after some hours decided to throw in the towel and head to another venue where would have more depth for starters, and hopefully some fish to bite later.
Goodnight Folks Zzz Zzz
At least we know there are fish in there Stephen's Younger Brother Lawrence showing older Brother how to catch one, a pike of 8 ib 8oz January 2017. Well Done Man :)


  1. Hi mate I fished the ponds as a kid with my dad, he hooked a huge carp on June 16th at 3am that beached itself in the bay to the right of the boathouse. I’m not sure if it was ever restocked but a lot of carp got netted which we witnessed but almost certain some would of slipped through

    1. Sorry for late reply, thanks for leaving a message yep been netted sure there are stock in there but few and far between. Happy New Year, may all your fishes come true