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Fishing In The London Borough Of Hackney

Fishing In The London Borough Of Hackney
bench towpath Regent's Canal, like as wallpaper πŸ˜‚
Forward: Plenty of water to explore, unfortunately a major fish kill on The River Lea due to pollution have desimated fish stocks. And The Regent's Canal is nothing like yesteryear Rock Hard to say the least...
Original illustrated map of Hackney, a borough of London, UK, inspired by the antique-style English County maps designed by the 19th century artist and engraver Thomas Moule... 

Please Note: Victoria Park now comes under The London Borough Of Tower Hamlets. Follow the Blue border line. Not contained on map pictured below.

In 1986 the Greater London Council transferred responsibility for the park to the London borough of Tower Hamlets and the London Borough of Hackney, through a joint management board. Since 1994 Tower Hamlets has run the park alone... 

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River Lea
Regent's Canal
to be continued>>>work in progress 

Hi Folk's and Welcome to my blog, 
Currently working on writing a book an essential guide for those fishing or looking to fish in London. These separate blog posts covering all 33 London Authorities are a starting point rather than completed works. Let's just say they are an on going study whilst living in London. It is hoped anyone looking to fish this City will find these a useful guide. As mentioned they are at present far from complete and a starting point rather than the finished article. Thanks for viewing and taking the time to read. 
Baring Street Section a very popular match fishing stretch back in the day.
Good Morning All,
Yesterday's Evening/Night Session was more about finding the fish than catching. That being said would have been nice to catch one at least. This is London after all, not talking about stocked fisheries, make no bones about it, this is extremely hard fishing. Take hat off to those Anglers who are catching in and around Urban London. Don't be fooled, some Anglers make it look easy on social media, with fish catches, pictures and video's. In truth you don't get to see the whole story, hours put in to achieve such results. What you don't see is the blanks. It's not all plain sailing, as it looks at first glance. Not making excuses, for I am still an Urban Novice with still much more to learn. slowly putting the pieces of this complicated jigsaw together. There is a secret, that comes down to years of research, knowledge, being in the right place at the right time. Location, Location, Location...
Starting off on The Regent's Canal, moving onto City Road Basin, London Borough Of Islington, before moving on to The Regent's Canal, London Borough Of Hackney. Finishing off at Shadwell Basin, London Borough Of Tower Hamlets.
Rainbow Bridge aka Banana Bridge: Another extremely popular peg back in the day known for huge bags of bream. Sadly those days are long distant memories.
It did put up a great fight πŸ˜‚Just one of many catches along this stretch a parcel shelf fish, along with a sock fish, jumper fish and all manner of rubbish dumped in the canal. All jokes a side...

The Regent's Canal like many waterways have been subjected to heavy boat traffic. Along with population growth in a City there comes the human footprint. Rubbish!...
The increasingly more common jumper fish, lost 4 feeders this session with the amount of snags, and rubbish bringing in all day.
Does make me wonder what else is likely to have thrown in here, this catch is the rather annoying coat hanger fish

Pollution has devastated this stretch and seen fish numbers almost devoid of fish stock. There are still fish present, however it's nowhere near as productive as in yesteryears. This is now classed as a rock hard stretch. The rewards are there for those angler's willing to sit it out. Certainly not for the faint hearted. 

There was a time could spot lots of people out fishing this stretch. It's a completely different story now. Waterways have experienced a massive increase in boat traffic, leading to little available spots to dip a line, due to mooring. Hardly not surprising, in an age where its cheaper affordable living, taking into account piralling housing costs. 

Become almost impossible to find a safe spot to fish. The hussle bussle of City Life, heavy foot traffic, including non stop cyclists racing past within millimetres of you and tackle has made it almost impossible to fish. Narrow canal paths where originally designed with horses in mind pulling barges. 

Not only is it a majorrrisk attempting to set up your tackle with the risk of damaged equipment, almost  one faces an even more dangerous risk beening pushed in hence, best avoided in most spots altogether! Almost falling on two occasions due to cyclists getting far to close, speeding, and not showing due care and attention.
Not without mentioning my Dear Friend, Fishing Buddy Stephen who lives locally in The London Borough Of Islington, who knows the stretch better than most, having fished The Regent's Canal for over 30 years. His knowledge and history lessons, where enthralling, much appreciated.
Got to be in it to win it! Hopefully better luck next time, next trip The Tidal River Thames, City Of London πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ£
>>on going blog future fishing trips planned<<
Regent's Canal, Acton's Lock, Broadway Market, London Fields, London Borough Of Hackney 30 Mar 19
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Evening All,

Some pictures from today.beautiful day, sun shining, t-shirt weather, dog by side, plus a bonus fish, a most pleasant day's fishing in all honesty in the London Borough Of Hackney. Been a tough nut to crack over the winter month's, feel only just scraped the surface of this one, will certainly be back at a later date.

Was tempted to get straight back out there, early night, up early for another London Borough tomorrow.

Bye for now, Goodnight Zzz Zzz

Wasn't long before into my first catch the more common sock fish...
Once the bites started it wasn't long before into another piece of junk, this time a T-shirt fish... Wasn't long after losing fourth feeder was beginning to get the hump. One of over 26 pieces of junk hooks in a short spell. In conclusion a dumping ground, this case water. Its easy to take a look on the outside look at beautiful pictures, it's when you look deeper, under the surface, the old saying what's inside that counts. And this is a tragedy a human footprint of waste dumped straight into our waterways. 
Finally BingoπŸ‘Things started to pick up managed to get bait through the constant battle snags hitting the jackpot a bream. Nothing massive but a fish all the same 😊
Pretty On The Outside 

Just the one today a rather short session despite the amount of rubbish still had a good day. Glad to have at least caught one. Almost forgotten to mention great to meet my local Fishing buddy who came to meet. A long walk down canal through Victoria Park finished off visiting Roman Tackle, Roman Road, great chips next door, then a long old walk to The Old Ford The River LeaπŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ£

30th March, 2019

Regent's Canal, Acton's Lock, Broadway Market, London Fields, London Borough Of Hackney

Good Afternoon,

Pleased to say finally managed to catch one today on the sixth attempt on The Regent's Canal, London Borough Of Hackney. Good sign weather and water is warming up. Worked hard for this one, would probably have had more once shoal moved in however was happy to settle for the one. Same tactics as Thursday night. Using a light quiver tip with a small Guru method feeder, slowly set to work building the swim, clipped up casting out into open water every 2 minutes, for the first hour. Followed by a cast ever 5 minutes the second hour, and every 10 minutes the third hour. The plan was to get a bed of feed down, wait for a bream shoal to pass through the swim, get heads down on a carpet of feed.

A very difficult session losing three feeders, absolutely full of rubbish, bringing in no end of stuff on virtually every cast.

Authorities Completed: 27/33 Date: 30 March 19

Still on course to complete all 33 London Authorities, 32 Boroughs, plus The City Of London. Thanks for your kind words, and support.

As always tight lines and may your next bite be a big one, or anyone big or small πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ£

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