Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Fishing In The London Borough Of Greenwich


Fishing In The London Borough Of Greenwich
West Lake ake Morrissons Lake, Thamesmead

Forward: Much more fishing in The London Borough Of Greenwich than first meets the eye. Take into account that Thamesmead consists of The London Borough Of Greenwich and Bexley. Waters originally thought came under Bexley do in fact come under Greenwich boundary line.

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Birchmere Lake
Brigadier Lake aka Mulgrave Pond (No Fishing Permitted)
The Dell, Woolwich
Gallions Lake
Gallions Canal, New Acres Road
Greenwich Park (No Fishing Permitted)
River Ravensbourne
Prince Of Wales Pond, Blackheath (No Fishing Permitted)
Pump House aka Swimming Pool Lake
Suttcliff Park (No Fishing Permitted)
The Tarn, Mottingham (No Fishing Permitted)
Tidal River Thames
Thamesmead Canal
West Lake aka Morrissons Supermarket Lake
Woolwich Dock 1 & 2

Birchmere Lake, Thamesmead

Good Evening All,

Just heading out the door for a late evening session, don't hold your breath. All about location, ultimately fish stock. Not many to target tonight, let's just say the few lumps going up to 50+ Rewards Great worth the wait.

In the meantime delighted to be joining Thamesmead Town Angling Club this month, for the first time. Three local lakes, including a canal, one short bus ride. Happy Days... Bye for now 👍😎🎣 http://www.thamesmeadtownanglingclub.co.uk/
Brigadier Pond, Woolwich
Sadly fishing no longer permitted here. Can rember fantastic days fishing on this little gem if a day ticket water True Cruicians a chuck on single maggot, including quality grass carp. Sadly been closed for many years. Only reports of a few privileged few who have got Guest Passes enabling them fishing rights. Miss this place not just the fishing. The memories. 
The Dell, Woolwich 
Info: tbc to be continued blog feature work in progress
>>>Gallions Canal, New Acres Road<<<
Info: tbc to be continued blog feature work in progress
Info: tbc to be continued blog feature work in progress
The River Ravensbourne 

Mouth of The River Ravensbourne, Tidal River Thames, Deptford Creek
Info: tbc to be continued blog feature work in progress
Suttcliff Park, Kidbrooke 
Doubt very much there is much in here or if fishing is permitted. Can remember when it was dug out connecting to The Quaggy River. Although doubt stocked legally, after 10 plus years of maturing expect some kind of fish in here even if transferred by wildlife fish eggs stuck to feathers from other waters. Think its worth a dabble one day. 
The Tidal River Thames
bc to be continued blog feature work in progress
Thamesmead Canal
For the record Thamesmead Canal runs through The London Borough's Of Bexley and Greenwich. Have some wonderful memories of this canal back when there where many fish to catch. Yet more Fisherman's Tales not backed up with photographic evidence had some big lumps from here. There was a certain knack to catching fish. Being shallow and clear, stealth was often needed. Best results coming just before first light and last light. A shadow of its former self now gin clear, heavily silted up and devoid of fish when searching looking with the polarised glasses. Several attempts resulting in a blank. 

Can still picture the days had here pulling in roach one a chuck, including bream, tench, one such tench hitting 8Ib plus. Not to forget the big eels used to catch soon as it turned dark.

Have received reports of a couple of areas still containing fish which hope to report back once visited with rod and line.
>>>West Lake aka Morrissons Supermarket Lake<<<
Many many years ago long before this site was a retail park can remember fishing here. Sadly not for long as must have been one of the lucky people to fish before it got netted. Can remember huge pike in here. 

Woolwich Docks 1&2 Woolwich
To be continued work in progress 
This piece of water near Gallions sorry still looking for information what called. All can say at this point after an accident here, not sure details. It was netted and the depth lowered. A real shame this would make a perfect match venue. As far as aware this place doesn't contain any fish whatsoever anymore. Despite looking with polarised glasses didn't see anything.
to be continued 

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