Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Fishing In The City Of London

Forward: The Ultimate Challenge by far. A very challenging London Authority not for the faint hearted Angler. There is only one venue available for fishing The Tidal River Thames.
London Bridge, 15th June 2019, picture courtesy of Lorna Flutter. 
Venue/s: The Tidal River Thames from London Red Dragons City Boundary to Wharfinger Cottage.
London Bridge, 15th June 2019, picture courtesy of Lorna Flutter.
Info: Free Fishing, Limited accessible swims available, beware of pedestrians places unable to back cast in built up areas. As with all waters take your litter home. Have a rod licence. No coarse fishing in closed river season. Sea fishing all year round.
(32 Boroughs plus The City Of London)
Yesssssss!!! Finally at long last mission completed 😂🤣😂
London Bridge, City Of London
33/33 London Authorities Completed...
 AWS BLOG: Fishing In The City Of London: The Tidal River Thames, London Bridge, opposite The Shard, pictures courtesy of Lorna Flutter. 15th June 2019
London Bridge, 15th June 2019, picture courtesy of Lorna Flutter
Wonderful meeting Lorna Flutter, on Saturday. Sending so many beautiful pictures today which will be adding and updating to blog.
London Bridge, 15th June 2019, picture courtesy of Lorna Flutter
Lorna travelled all the way from Cornwall to London to interview as part of her Sociology Hons Degree studies at Bristol University.

Truly blessed and honoured to meet such a charming young lady. Wish her ever success, for the future 👍😎🎣
London Bridge, 15th June 2019, picture courtesy of Lorna Flutter.
Shaun on the Prawn😂🤣😂
25th of May 2019
Click picture for link 
18th June 2019:
Afternoon All,

When mentioned Press was referring to tabloid Press not Angling Press.

Just spotted this feature which not even read yet. Thanks very much to my favourite Angling Paper The Anglers Mail. Mission Completed 👍😄🎣

Update: speechless lovely write up truly blessed and touched✌️❤️
Mind you that's some title to live up to London Angling Specialist WoW! Best be getting my rods out 👍😂🤣😂🎣

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33: The Tidal River Thames, City Of London *NOT YET COMPLETE*
Tidal River Thames, London Bridge, City Of London, 29 Apr 19
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Anglers Mail 14 May 19

Unfortunately missed Tuesday's Edition of Anglers Mail so unable to have as a keepsake. However did contact them for a copy and they sent this electronic version.
The Pressure is mounting, time to get finger out, get back on with this final London Authority. Complete once and for all...
Thanks again for all you're support. and The Anglers Mail for yet another well written feature, truly honoured and most grateful...

Bye for now Shaun 👍😎🎣
AWS ENTRY 9 May 19
Afternoon Folks,

Had no idea of this post until The Anglers Mail contacted today. They have asked about the legality of fishing in the closed season.

Can assure all readers have done nothing wrong. Used only sea tackle, sea tactics and sea baits. Have not once targeted any coarse/freshwater fish in the closed season.

Yet again this topic of conversation keeps raising its ugly head among those doubters.

Contacted Mr Keith Arthur again to let him know, once again he has kindly replied. If anyone knows The River Thames and legality of fishing Mr Arthur knows the River Thames better than most. A TV and radio presenter who Trust 100%...

Keith Arthur:

As I explained Shaun, you are NOT allowed to target coarse fish but if you are targeting SEA fish, using recognised sea fishing bait (squid, lugworm, crab) and tackle there is no problem. Using lobworm may be an issue and if I was an enforcement officer I’d issue a warning. Bread, boilies, pellets etc is definitely NOT legal.
London fishing session produces epic ‘one that got away’ tale
Read more at https://www.anglersmail.co.uk/news/london-fishing-catfish-81894#MbqWIWRy0gLZUEpV.99

01 May 19
Good Morning Folks,

AWS BLOG UPDATE: Fishing In The City Of London bit.ly/2Lbmnnb

Hope the new blogger template looks more pleasing to the eye, and user friendly. Still in need of a few tweeks.

Once again trying to keep upto date with writing, or blogging as so often referred to these days. Would like to think of myself firstly as An Angler, who loves his fishing first and foremost, someone who enjoys sharing, hoping others not only enjoy reading, will get something out of it, especially in terms of gaining information knowledge from these guides, places to fish. Not just now years to come.

Yes I'm a Blogger suppose that's a fair enough comment. But ultimately its all about the fishing and always will be !!!

Don't claim to be an expert angler, and certainly not the greatest of writers. Just enjoying the journey, the adventures. Will continue to make every effort to catch up with unfinished blog entries, hasn't been entirely easy keeping track, regularly updating.

My London Research is far from over, will take many more years to complete. As such all 33 London Authorities are a continuous log of Angling pursuits. It is hoped in time these blog posts will help many when looking for places to fish.

Thats All For Now...

As Always Tight Lines and may your next bite be a Big One or anyone big or small 👍😎🎣

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29 Apr, 19
Good Morning Folks,
Another awful session, it's 3.30am time to head off home, get ready for work. Unfortunately not a single bite again. A cold, foggy, damp night. To say its getting tedious is an understatement.
Attempts: 16
Fishing Time: 160+ hours
Travelling Time: 48 approx hours
Bites: 1
Fish: 0
Now taking a short break from this final London Authority 33 of 33, before end up going crazy. Just don't know what got to do to catch a fish from this last one. So close but no cigar...

Have a good day 👍😎🎣
Good Evening All,

Another one from last night's session The Tidal River Thames, London Bridge, City Of London 29 Apr 19.
Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities, 32 London Borough's finished. City Of London to complete.

There's a first having to rethink tactics Men At Work scaling London Bridge doing lights. Fishing hasn't been all that, however had it's moments. Originally had one beach caster set up, multiplier reel, paternoster sea rig punched out towards the bridge 😂🤣😂👍🎣

29 Apr 19

Good Morning Folks,

AWS BLOG UPDATE: bit.ly/2Lbmnnb

Reporting back from a rather unadventurous weekend, sadly nothing to report. No bites whatsoever.

Can hardly keep eyes open, let alone see mobile keypad. An uneventful weekend backwards and forwards on The Tidal River Thames, City Of London. The London Marathon of all days to chose.
Shall be back as long as it takes to catch a fish..

Pictures and further updates to follow.

Have a good week ahead, if your out fishing, as always tight lines and may your next bite be a Big One or anyone big or small 👍😎🎣
The City Of London has up to now been a hard nut to crack!!!
27th April 19

Good Afternoon Folks,
All set ready for tonight on The Tidal River Thames, City Of London.

Hopefully a fish to scratch off this final London Authority No 33 of 33.

Great fresh quality ragworm as always from South London Angling 👍😎🎣

Mission: Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities, 32 Borough's, plus The City of London.

AWS BLOG UPDATE: 33/33 London Authorities Achieved... City Of London complete goo.gl/u8Xk5W

The Tidal River Thames, City of London Dragon Western Boundary Mark, City Of London

If only! The power of photoshop. Love this thanks to my Buddy Stephen for sending 😂🤣😂👍🎣

All jokes aside sea bait ordered from local tackle shop South London Angling back out shortly in the hope of cracking this last remaining Authority.

Original post Tom Thumb Lake, Eastbrookend Country Park, London Borough Of Barking and Dagenham: 19 Apr 19 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2301704540112576&id=1968973726718994
Tidal River Thames


Good Evening All,

AWS BLOG: Updated https://t.co/vxpz1LetEX 'Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities Updated.

The cat is out the bag. Delighted to be in this weeks copy of The Anglers Mail out today. Thanks very much for the feature.

Not giving up the search for another Thames Catfish, even though will expect to wait a long time to hook another one if ever again.

In all honesty doubt anyone has fished this location in years, if ever. 

Witnessed 2 Anglers the other night pitched same spot, whilst going over Tower Bridge on top deck of a bus. Expect many more now to follow. Not a secret squirrel and all can say is good luck to anyone having a go.

Looking forward to next weeks feature. Thanks Anglers Mail for featuring again. Honoured to be included in the best weekly angling publication.

Bye for now 👍😎🎣

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22 Mar 19
Evening All,
Different spot this evening. Lovely view of Tower Bridge in front, HMS Belfast to my right. Could get used to this. Tide just coming in. 10th attempt let's hope catch one...
The Tidal River Thames, City Of London.
Mission: Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities.
Bye for now 👍😎🎣

Attempts: 10
Hours: 46
Bites: 0
Fish: 0
Doubt you will ever see many Anglers fishing The Tidal River Thames in The City of London, if any at all 👍😂🎣
Mission: Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities.
Reporting back from The Tidal River Thames, City Of London

Attempts: 9
Hours: 43
Bites: 0
Fish: 0

The Barbican Centre, City Of London... Strictly No Fishing Allowed!!! off to The Tidal River Thames to crack The City Of London

Looking from the other side of Tower Bridge, and opposite bank. 



7th March, 2019

Good Afternoon,

Reporting from The Tidal Thames, Tower Bridge, The City Of London.

For those who have asked which London Authoritie is likely to be the hardest. About to find out.

Bye for now 👍🤔🎣

please follow LINK exclusive pictures, videos regular updates


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