Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Sutcliffe Park Lake, and The New Kidbrooke Village, including Cator Park, formerly The Ferrier Estate, London Borough Of Greenwich SE3

Sutcliffe Park Lake, and The New Kidbrooke Village, including Cator Park, formerly The Ferrier Estate, London Borough Of Greenwich SE3
Went for a cycle ride today, whilst many waterways are rapidly disappearing, encouraging signs more appearing, good news not just for fishing, nature and wildlife on the whole.
This place has gone through an amazing  transformation. Kicking myself could have moved back here. Had the choice having once briefly living on the old run down, scary Ferrier Estate.
An eye opener, to say the least, even though was extremely lucky to have a top floor flat with a view over Crystal Palace, not like some poor souls looking into other building's. 
Damn! It was terrible used to go in building tip toe through lifts full of urine, drugs, needles on the stairs it was something out of a horrible movie.
Certainly the best thing at the time getting out of there before being knocked down, although looking at the place now could have been living here, had choice to move back. What an amazing transformation. 
At the time of leaving The old Ferrier Estate the local Public Sutcliffe Park, was there as a flood relief often boggy, with the quaggy running through. A major redevelopment, plan, has seen rejuvenation, an incredible, transformation with a beautiful lake, including marshland, and a nature reserve. Love to know if fish are in there, been a good ten years now and has maturied into lovely parkland Lake.
Moving on from Sutcliffe Park we now move onto the old Ferrier Estate now totally knocked down, demolished, transformed, into a stunning water park village.
These lakes and waterways are new, doubt any fish have been stocked or if any fish eggs have managed to be transferred by wildlife water fowl, sure in time fish life will occur naturally.
My wish is such waters like this one are stocked and opened up to fishing even if only limited fishing access where to be permitted. 
Especially when The New National Angling Strategy aims to get more people fishing... 2019-2024.
Makes perfect sense such waters in prime locations are essential points in delivering the new Angling Strategy, including many more unopened waters across the country, especially Cities, Large Towns, closed to fishing full stop in many now Private Residential Areas.
There you go a total transformation from an old run down Social Housing Estate, now an exclusive address of luxury properties.
Only wish had some old pictures of my own before and after. Let's hope fishing is on the cards here in the future, let's encourage Angling, don't ban it! 👍😎🎣
Before The Ferrier Estate no picture could really portray the place. Taken from net original picture source unknown. 

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