Thursday, 25 July 2019

Brickfield Meadows aka The Brick Pit, South Norwood, London Borough Of Croydon

Brickfield Meadows

Many trips, fond memories here despite difficulty catching, in the colder months. Felt after so many trips, wanted to do a separate blog post to accompany those memories, and future trips.

22th April, 2019
Get in there! Yesssss! All 32 London Borough's complete. Just The City Of London remaining.
A difficult South London Urban Angling Session. This proved to be a rock hard venue to crack.
Later in the day removed weights, started free lining in the margins. Missed one bite, followed by a lost fish. What can I say not the greatest shot late at night, but what a pretty fish. Could stay for more, unfortunately all good thing's come to an end, back to work tomorrow. Time to head off home get some sleep. Absolutely Delighted 😊
Authorities Completed: 32/33 Date: 22nd April 19

Still on course to complete all 33 London Authorities, 32 Boroughs, plus The City Of London. Thanks for your kind words, and support.

As always tight lines and may your next bite be a big one, or anyone big or small 👍😎🎣
No carp feeding, or caught by anyone here today. Staying till the morning if have to.
Actually caught over 200 small fry in the landing net. Unfortunately they don't count 👍😂🤣😂🎣
Just the City Of London to complete, which is an Authority not an actual Borough.
Lovely to be visited by Lee and his wife Julie. 
Shame had to leave early due to rod breaking.
So happy to see John also who cycled miles to visit.
Wonderful swingtip, which very much look forward to using on the docks. 
Not to forget Charly who also dropped by.
A lovely warm day, missed a couple of Bites, lost one fish, managed late on to break this Borough catch one.
Happy to finally cross the line and get back to some decent Angling, without the stress. Not that it's all been stressful, however have been limited in quality angling adventures. Shall be back in The City Of London soon.
That's all for now, thanks to everyone who has liked page, shown support and encouragement. Especially those who have come out to visit on the bank along the way. Been a very memorable journey and rewarding experience.
Bye for now 👍😊🎣

AWS BLOG ENTRY: Date to be confirmed 

Looking back at videos  from memory lane this evening this one is cut a bit short. 

Didn't catch nothing that day at Brickfield Meadows aka The Brick Pit, London Borough Of Croydon. 

Mind you was great day, met a lovely angler. Weather wise very odd, gorgeous sunshine, despite, very strong winds, sun was shining until the hail stones came down. 

Sammy Boy enjoyed day out, always loves coming fishing, being on the bank. 

Was good to check a latest purchase new Sonik Xtractor Rods and a set of Prologic Alarms. Certainly need some back bar bobbins next time, as wind was blowing chains. 

This was a tough venue to catch a fish over the winter, early spring month's. However despite struggling, persevered.

Finally at long last eventually cracked this venue after so many attempts to tempt a fish and cross off The London Borough Of Croydon from my Mission to Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities. 

Certainly be back here again sometime. Dispite the difficulty catching, met some wonderful people, and have fond memories. 

.. Further updates and AWS BLOG Feature/Link to follow...

More memories pictures and videos to follow 
Further Updates to follow

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