Thursday, 25 July 2019

Greys Tactical 15ft Float Rod REVIEW

Verdict On Trial: Greys Tactical 15ft Float Rod
Once again would like to point out not received any sponsorship from tackle or bait companies.

All my reviews are independent and purchased with hard earned money. Hence not going to be happy spending money on rubbish. My reviews therefore come from the heart say it as it is. Besides if something is not great, and you go out and buy rubbish on the back of my reviews, would expect any of you to push me in the drink 😀
What's the verdict on The Grey's Tactical 15ft Float Rod purchased in the close season.
This rod didn't cost the earth, great value for money. You get what you pay for, and more. Nothing at all to look at in the eye candy department. Very plain. However having used this rod to great effect, many times in the last 3+ months. Served its purpose well, from waggler fishing at distance, to long trotting on rivers, including extremely delicate float fishing with lines down to half a pound for small fish catching.
The rod has handled absolutely everything thrown at it. This fish was into double figure and handled an absolute dream on a tiny 22 hook.

Many Thanks to Jim Taylor for taking this action shot picture at Jack's Lake, Cockfosters, London Borough Of Barnet 25 Sept 18

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