Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Abu Garcia 507MKII REVIEW

Unfortunately the 507MKII fails, not a fraction as good as the original classic 507 much loved by river anglers. A massive disappointment and waste of money. 
Original 507 with the 507MKII
One of the worlds most advanced Reels what a load of rubbish! Terrible quality unable to even use. So disappointed! Check out the awful spools cheaply made plastic. Rather have one quality one than 4 useless ones, that have burrs of plastic sticking out and rub like crazy.
Replacement spool pipe cleaner.
The release button doesn't work all the time, mind of it's own.
Take a close look the main reel spool casing is cross threaded. Several attempts to take off and put back on again. And check out the finish terrible workmanship, lack of little or no attention to detail. 
Awful 0 out of 10 don't waste your money. 
Abu Garcia For Life lol 🤣 once a great company with quality products sad to see such a great company go down the pan Facebook Post/Comments
Forget all the fancy tech data it all sound's impressive, until you open the box and look at it. This reel you wouldn't even be able to use, so badly constructed. 
Here's a song by the legendary Neil Young that fits the description of this product perfectly. Piece Of Crap!
Made in China not that knocking everything made in China because that's not always the case. However no longer the expert craftsmanship Anglers grew to love when originally made in Sweden.
So the honest opinion save your hard earned money, stay clear of this product!
0 out of 10. Even the case is tacky crap!

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  1. Hello! on YouTube channel you asked how to remove the rotor to get to the spool, but did not get an answer.Could you tell me how to do this?Thank you in advance!