Thursday, 25 July 2019

Jack's Lake, Barnet, London Borough Of Barnet

Definitely a trip down memory lane looking back on the one and only trip to this Beautiful venue. Met up with an old Friend Jim for the first time in a long time. A very memorable day fishing the day ticket part of lake.
The fish where not biting, was reduced to using light line bread punch on a size 22 hook in margin to tempt this carp. What an experience to handle on my Greys Tactical 15ft float rod.

Work in progress, looking forward to returning here again one day. A wonderful venue, friendly Baliffs, an all round pleasant, wonderful experience.
Late night I was looking, and feeling a little worse for wear.
Hopefully the day can only get better. The result of losing torch, charging phone off car battery and lights left on Arrrrr

Damn flat battery ! Unfortunately not the start to the day was looking for. Three hours wasted fishing time. Now back on the road. Going to run engine for at least 40 minutes before attempting to fish.
Thanks Keith of LAR Traffic Services 👍
Jack's Lake (Beech Hill Lake) New Barnet/Cockfosters, London Borough Of Barnet.
It's that midnight hour, full moon tonight. Most of you will be tucked up warm and cosy in your bed.
Only half hours drive from Hertford, looking forward to first light. Would you believe it torch packed up, make matters worse left mobile in car. Not wise, just spent a good 45 minutes lost in the dark, in Covert Way Nature Reserve LOL 🤣
Not so funny really, thankfully my dog Sammy Boy managed to find his way back on route, for a moment thought would end up sleeping rough in the woods.
Okay, time to get some shut eye, and hopefully some fish tomorrow, wipe another London Borough off the list. Goodnight Zzz Zzz

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