Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Cadence CR10 10ft Wand

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>> Cadence CR10 10ft Wand <<

First impressions and use EXCELLENT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

With winter now upon us was looking for a nice classic feeder wand my old one now over 30 years old. Having been very impressed with so many good reviews, recommendations and comments on many Facebook Forums about Cadence tackle. Initially was looking for a good canal rod for my winter squatt and bread punch fishing and extremely light hook lengths, opted for their excellent Cadence CR10 11FT Match Rod (future review to follow)

At the same time knew would need to order their 10ft wand in advance before the winter set in. Pleased to say not only has it been a pleasure dealing with this company their rods are exceptional value for money. Always valued good customer service and they are second to known. However the proof is in the pudding the real test comes in use on the bank. Only yet to use this rod on 2 occasions and have to say hand on heart you get a whole lot of rod and more for your money. The rod handles well and is an absolute pleasure to use, what's more feel confident knowing that what ever finicky fish picks up the bait is sure to register with such fine tips, ultimately more fish in the net.

This blog post is a work in progress will be adding many more pictures over the coming weeks. For now all can say is if your looking for a great little rod for your money look no further than Cadence. Further more just love their mission giving back to our youth, so you know not only are you buying a great rod for an exceptional price they are putting back into the youth of tomorrow:

About the Cadence CR10 10ft Wand

From Cadence Website: When the going gets tough this little cracker gets going. Few tackle manufacturers actually make a genuine ‘wand’ which can detect the faintest pluck or pull these days. But the Cadence wand is the one you need in your holdall for the toughest of days. With three gossamer-fine push in glass quivertips – 0.25oz, .50oz and .75oz – and capable of casting up to 25 metres, it can help you put vital fish in the net.

The CR10 range covers most UK coarse rod applications and will prove extremely popular for both commercial and natural venues. The high quality blanks are constructed from a blend of 40 and 36 ton carbon and this provides rods that are lightweight, slim and strong. The components used are of the highest quality including AAA cork, Fuji guides, Fuji reels seats and the finish is simply stunning! Compare these rods to other higher priced brands with similar specification and quality and you will confirm that Cadence rods display amazing value for money. Also be assured that your purchase will help get more kids outdoors and fishing – Go Fishing, Give Back!


At Cadence, our mission is to not only provide the best value in fishing gear but also for our anglers to inspire a movement to pass on the sport to future generations. For every £50 spent we promise to give a kids fishing pole to one of our charitable organisations. This is how we embody our tagline of “Go Fishing. Give Back”. We want to see as many young people as possible enjoy the hobby of fishing. We believe we can bring generations together in a hectic world, our mission is to see people stepping away from the TV and heading into the great outdoors. Share the joy of a day on the water with the next generation by making a purchase from Cadence.   


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