Sunday, 27 December 2020

Scent From Hell by Baitworks

Firstly Welcome back to my blog been far to long since updated, decided as of today to come back make more of an effort here. To be honest Facebook is far to easy to just sign in and upload a post hence why neglected this blog. A lot has happened this year, been a very difficult year for many hit by Covid 19. Would like to take a moments thought for all those who have suffered and especially been affected losing loved ones.
Scent From Hell by

Good fast delivery service both occasions, especially considering Covid 19 Pandemic, lockdowns in place and other Christmas. Well packaged only available direct from company no middle man. No freebie samples this time though probably only as a first order new customer.
Scent From Hell by
More goodies have arrived to try out in 2021, a whole week planned in early February on a local carp water, enough time to soak these new range PineapHell baits recommended for the winter months. Shall be soaking the Sea Monsters for later in the season.
Really looking forward to a much better year ahead 👍
This stuff stinks the last tub was a hand down from a Friend, which caught a few decent carp. Since ordered this fresh batch, boy o boy waking up and going to bed smelling it. Not sure how to describe the smell all can say it honks.
Was so impressed with Baitworks delivery the sample packs decided to order their new winter Pineaphell Pop Ups including wafters. Also ordered their Sea Monster. Don't claim to be a carp angler however decided to go for it in 2021, put a few lumps on the bank, personally think that location, the right gear, knowledge helps, but without the right bait your on a losing streak.
Got a lot of catching up to do for what has been a poor season for me this year. Now where is that air freshener phew 😂

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