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Fishing In The London Borough Of Barking and Dagenham

Fishing In The London Borough Of Barking and Dagenham

Mark Smith at Tom Thumb's Lake, Eastbrookend Country Park, Dagenham
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19th April, 2019
Mission: Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities, 32 Borough's, plus The City of London.

Tom Thumb Lake, Dagenham, London Borough Of Barking and Dagenham.

Good Afternoon,

Delighted to scratch off another London Authority today, fourth attempt here. Would have liked to have a carp, but not complaining, still time. Lovely day plenty of fish coming out. Joined today with Mark, Joshua and his Dad. More pictures to follow later today.

Authorities Completed: 30/33 Date: 19th April 19

Still on course to complete all 33 London Authorities, 32 Boroughs, plus The City Of London. Thanks for your kind words, and support.

As always tight lines and may your next bite be a big one, or anyone big or small 👍😎🎣
Evening All,

Tom Thumb Lake, Dagenham, London Borough Of Barking and Dagenham.

Here is one caught earlier, shortly after the bream. Today have been in the good company with Fishing Friends who have all caught fish. An excellent day's fishing, a big difference from the last 3 visits here in the colder months. Think can safely say summer is on it's way. What a wonderful day many more pictures to follow.

Bye for now 👍😎🎣
Good Evening All,

Another one from yesterday, a great day Tom Thumb Lake

Good Morning Folks,

Tom Thumb Lake, Dagenham, London Borough Of Barking and Dagenham. Good Friday 19 April 19

Taken a day off from fishing, a chance to catch up on pictures. A very eventful weekend starting off Thursday night on The Tidal Thames, Woolwich, followed by a spectacular day with great company at Tom Thumb Lake. Not just great to have Mark, and Joshua up, was wonderful to see his Dad.

As for the venue it's self a great days fishing peaceful, very nice company indeed.

On a further note nice warm welcoming Baliffs which is a rarity in itself. Not only did Tom bring some cold beers around for the lads, he also took Sammy Boy for a walk. Wonderful guy. Absolute pleasure meeting.

Lets be honest it's not always about the quality of fishing if Baliffs are Friendly it makes the whole experience a pleasant experience.

A wonderful day. Highly recommended venue! 

On a final note everyone caught plenty of fish and had a wonderful memorable day. Look forward to returning again one day. 

BARDAG: http://essexcarp.fishing/bardag-angling-association-bardag/

picture courtesy of Tom The Baliff

Work in progress 
Mark Smith at Tom Thumb's Lake, Eastbrookend Country Park, Dagenham

Having fished all 33 London Authorities, decided to write a separate blog for each London Borough and The City Of London. These separate blog posts are a starting point rather than the finished article. From 22nd of June 2018 to the 21st of June 2019 set about catching a fish in every one 

Limited in time to just a year to complete, holding down a day job didn't have the time to catch a Specimen fish from each. Some attempts resulted in tiny fish as a result had alot of negative feedback. In order to catch a Specimen from each and every Borough it would take far in excess of a year. 

Have decided to invest far more time on the bank in order to achieve a reasonable sized fish from each and every one this time round with no time limits or added pressure. 

This blog is certainly not all about myself, in fact get a lot more pleasure meeting other anglers on the bank, taking pictures and sharing their stories. Especially look forward to meeting many more of you out and about. 

Along the way will be adding pictures from many different Anglers get to meet, including every venue available, those can fish, those you can't. Including all Fishing Clubs, Day tickets, and free fishing. 

This is the first Borough of all 33 London Authorities... 

Starting point rather than the finished article, thanks for your patience...

As Always Tight Lines, may your next bite be a Big One or anyone big or small. 




Chase Lakes, Big Lake
 Chase Lakes, smaller lake
 Bardag Lake, members only

Sunday 31st of March, 2019

Good Evening,

No Fishing today, took a day off. Easy to have to much of a good thing after a nice day yesterday. Especially as out tomorrow. Decided to visit Chase Lakes, and Bardag Lake in The London Borough Of Barking and Dagenham.

Will be honest it was much colder than yesterday and overcast. The pictures don't do the place much justice, although will say expect the place to look alot greener once spring really kicks in.

All in all a pleasant day, look forward to returning with the fishing gear at a later date.

Bye for now, goodnight Zzz Zzz 

to be continued work in progress

London Borough Of Barking & Dagenham by Mike Hall https://www.behance.net/gallery/70207005/New-London-Borough-map-series-(updated)


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