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Hi Folks (Updated)

Sorry for the delay it's only taken over 2 years to finally add a story to 'About Angling With Shaun' despite constant Facebook reminders. If you have a moment, feel free to read write up, please inform of any spelling or poor grammar. Hope this gives a little insight about myself, the reasons behind this page, and hopefully many more Folks are encouraged to take up this wonderful pastime, or pick up their tackle again. Here for you. Best Fishes Shaun:

Hi Folks and Welcome to my page. Want to point out unlike the majority of Angling Pages this blog is not intended to be solely about myself, the fish catch, or better put lack of fish. This page is nothing without the many hundreds of people get to meet on travels, for which make this page, and special memories. Really not into glory hunting catching the biggest or the most, certainly not what this page is about. As an important note not sponsored, and refuse to except any such sponsorship deals, free tackle , or bait, which turned down on many occasions. Not the way wish to go forward, always purchased own gear and bait. Do not want any favors.

Gives me so much pleasure those who have commented, or sent private messages encouraged to take up this wonderful pastime, or who have picked their fishing tackle back up again after many years. To me that means much more than a personal catch. Also want to promote this hobby of mine for which been passionate about for over 45 years, since a young boy of 6 years old. Hope that in time able to start teaching again for free to those with disabilities, especially encouraging children, maybe with learning difficulties, illness, or disabilities. Certainly not about profit in my books. Here to help those who need advice, not just tips, tackle, and angling venues. Also do the occasional honest independent tackle reviews (not always to the liking of some tackle manufacturers)

Along the way you will find me doing crazy missions/quests purely for my own entertainment, and bucket list. To date completed catching a Fish From All 33 London Authorities 32 Boroughs plus The City Of London in under a year, to much press including The Anglers Mail for which truly proud of. For the record had serious health issues over recent years, as a result almost died on a number of occasions from COPD. Thankfully it’s something learnt to manage, fishing being a great healer being outdoors in the fresh air.

Over the years done all styles of fishing, and like nothing better than mixing up my fishing one week sea, coarse, game. Rarely fish the same venue twice, enjoy very much the travelling aspect and a different canvas each time venture out. Certainly not a carp angler although will have a go regarded as an all round angler, who loves catching all species. Even spent a good deal of time match fishing, winning a total of 16 matches in one season. However these days don’t fish many matches, more so organize matches once a month as The Founder and Editor of ‘Fishing In London’

That’s all for now hopefully one day will be able to return to teaching, so much red tape these days now needing the necessary Angling Coach Qualifications, due to new Health And Safety legislation’s. Once completed will not be charging and making a profit. Almost forgot back in 1981 The Year Of The Disabled was presented an award for my achievements helping disabled anglers match fishing. A shame years later with so much knowledge, experience unable to give back to our sport due to not being able to afford the necessary qualifications at this time.

The bucket list continues with more crazy quests currently ‘Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities’ including ‘Catch A Fish From All 48 English Counties. Thanks to everyone who has liked page, followed, commented, likes and support. Without you this page wouldn't exist.

Tight Lines, may your next bite be a Big One, or anyone Big or Small... Happy Angling :)

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