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Father and Son, Bodgit and Scarper, Les étangs de La Carrière, France yearly fishing trip 2019

French Connection  Wish I Was Here With Friends 
Father and Son, Bodgit and Scarper, 
Les étangs de La Carrière, France, 
yearly fishing trip 2019
Something a little different from usual blog posts. This being a Guest Feature put together, as a keepsake for Father and Son. Good Friends of mine, what a great weeks Angling with Tony and Mark Knightingale...
Last video before leaving this morning, Nice one Lads, thanks for sharing your wonderful week's holiday. Safe travels Home.
please follow LINK exclusive pictures, videos regular updates
Forward from Mark and Tony: A week in Les étangs de La Carrière what a great weeks fishing with me dad we’ve caught loads of fish great food a few beers down The local bar tabac Weather’s been great fishing slowed up towards the end of the week tactics boilies approach only throwing stick fishing Between 50 and 80 yards it’s been fun using mainline Baits essential cell and the link 18 mm and 20 mm Boilies Did the damage last night now ready to come home Big thanks to Jean Claude and Brigitte the owners of La Carrière see you next year
OMG! Fourth Grass Carp of holiday for Mark, whilst Dad is resting, sleeping off his dinner. We'll done Mate! Cracking fish! Still time to get that 40+ fingers and toes and everything crossed for you Mate. And just caught a small 15 pounder not bother photographing, put back🤞🙏😎🎣
Dinner is served that looks a handsome bit of scoff there. Good cooking Tony. Making me hungry, stomach is rumbling. Nice bit of Italian Spaghetti Bolognese to finish off. Lovely👍😎🎣
Meanwhile Mark is still at it making the last of the few hours left. Great fishing certainly changed my tune about coming. What a marvellous holiday. Stunning catches. Very much looking forward to visiting with you both next year. Thanks for sharing your week. Not over yet till the fat lady songs still chance hopefully for that elusive 40+ 🤞🙏😎🎣
Tony's doing the cooking Tonight. Final night, last dinner before heading off in morning. Final goodbyes. Hopefully a few more before you leave.
29.10Ibs for Mark hopefully more before leaving in the morning.
Tony's turn to catch another fish, this time on Marks rod whilst away. Redemption for the fish which would have been Tony's PB, personal best, Mark played and landed on his rod earlier whilst away from swim. 
Friday evening almost time to start loading car ready for leaving in morning
For those not familiar with the term A "bodge job" mainly used describe miscompetent general contractors "Bodgit and Scarper"
Third Grass Carp for Mark 35Ib 10oz
Certainly not a title would have chosen, looking at some of these beauty's caught. Certainly bodging it Guys. Well done, Top Angling!
>>Catch Reports upto now<<
Last breakfast in France 🇫🇷 home tomorrow to see the 2 loves of my life xxx 
Nice one Tony👍😎🎣 
Get In There Mate 👍😎🎣 Yessssss🎉
Wish could have been there on your annual French Fishing Holiday.
Thanks for keeping updated all week, amazing Angling lot's of wonderful fish had by both... Good Eating... 
Beef dripping chips, and Steak on the bank. That's Living Alright 👍😂🎣
Talking top nosh on the bank. Now that's what you call living alright. Happy holidays keep the pictures coming 👍😂🎣
 Visit into town for essential supplies
One of the smaller ones for Mark 23Ib 10ozs
More Drinks on the bank watching the sun go down. 
More Food 'Stick that on the hook mate" 😂🤣😂👍🎣
No Mate it's All Gone
More fishing 27 pound on the nose
Morning breakfast sausage, bacon, and egg sandwich
Stocking up in town on essential supplies checking out the local beer
French Cake and Auf Wiedersehen Pet
Sausage and egg sandwich, brown bread, brown sauce 😂🤣😂
Another one for Mark
36.4Ib Grass Carp
Had 2 this morning 24lb 8oz mirror and 28lb 11oz common
25.3Ibs fourth fish for Tony
Good Fishing, Good Eating what more can a man ask
Breakfast on the go
More pictures in no particular order, loads of fish being caught by Mark
(weight to be updated)
 (weight to be updated)
 (weight to be updated)
 (weight to be updated)
 (weight to be updated)
 (weight to be updated)
 (weight to be updated)
Way to go... Mark keeps sending pictures of food feeling hungry 👍😂🎣
33.3Ibs for Tony
Another one for Mark 22.11Ibs
26.11Ibs for Mark
OMG!!! Beast get in there Mark. A little slow of the mark, now level pegging with Dad Tony. Yesssss! Happy for you. There bigger hopefully you will get your 40+ by the end of the week. Get in there 👍😂🎣 (weight to be updated)
Happy Day's And May Your Next Bite Be A Big One 👍😂🎣
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Get in there Buddy! Anorher Stonker Mark slowly catching up with your Dad 👍😂🎣 (weight to be updated) 
Tony's in already 👍😂🎣
A 34 in the net
Mark's into his first of the campaign, slacking behind his Dad can he catch up. Its not a race or about a compilation. Get in there Mate... Happy Day's ahead. Enjoy your holiday. Tight Lines, 2U both, may your next bite be a Big One, maybe that 40+ one 👍😎🎣 (weight to be updated) 
Cor Blimey! Get in there Tony Mate... into another one, look at the belly on that 👍😎🎣 (weight to be updated)
Non stop action upon arrival fish weights to be updated first of many pictures, and wonderful videos sent this week. Tony started on a flyer 4 before Mark hit into his first. (weight to be updated)
Port of Calais France
Back in 2020

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