Friday, 31 May 2019

IBHOOKS fishing terminal tackle, hook and accessory boxes REVIEW

AWS Review: IB HOOKS terminal tackle, hook and accessory boxes 10/10

Good Afternoon Folk's,

AWS Review: IB HOOKS terminal tackle, hook and accessory boxes 10/10

Firstly would like to point out don't receive any such fishing tackle or baits from any company. Completely Independent, not sponsored, all my Fishing tackle is purchased by working hard, spending own money.

Unlike many reviews you will come across in the press, be it fishing tackle or any product we all know most such reviews are not true, honest or well tested. Often reviews are put together without any or little Field Testing.

Purchased these boxes some months back, and have put them through months of rugged testing. Not afraid to use them without fear of falling apart. Gone through extreme weather conditions, rain, snow and damp conditions. After all fishing tackle needs to be robust and withstand some form of abuse without falling apart after a few sessions.

Over the year's purchased many item's that have received high reviews in the press only to fall apart within one session let alone rigorous testing in the harshest outdoor conditions.

If spending your money you want the confidence of knowing an item will last.

Delighted to give these products by IBHOOKS a 10 star rating. Faultless and very much part of my everyday armoury. Did have a slight problem with one box, and contacted the company, which turned out to be a defective fault in manufacturing. The company where pleasant and sent out a brand new box at no extra charge next day delivery. Can't fault that Customer Service is paramount, including after care service.

Thanks very much IBHOOKS for such amazing products, and A1+ Service. Highly Recommended 10/10 product, delivery, after care customer service. Shall not hesitate in purchasing future products from this company.

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