Saturday, 25 May 2019

Hand Crafted Floats by Mike Cootes purplepeanut007

Hand Crafted Floats by Mike Cootes
Some of you maybe aware my passion for fishing floats. Been especially keen on purchasing some of Mike Cootes beautiful looking floats for sometime now. Then came across these new babies, couldn't resist the temptation any longer. 

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Been on the look out for a special float to tackle many of the fast, shallow rivers fish on a regular basis. Spotted these and had to contact Purplepeanut007 on Facebook straight away.  Not realising at first these where by Mike Cootes.

Order placed for next month, so looking forward to using these in the new coarse river season.

Shouldered Irwell Sticks. 
Another upgrade to my shallow fast water trotters.

The Shouldered Irwell Sticks
are wider for more turbulent water than the MKIIs, have a bigger body and have a large step in them to stop any movement of the rubbers... Read more here: Purplepeanut007

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