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Fishing In The London Borough Of Waltham Forest

Fishing In The London Borough Of Waltham Forest
Good Morning, 

Having fished all 33 London Authorities, decided to write a separate blog for each London Borough and The City Of London. These separate blog posts are a starting point rather than the finished article. From 22nd of June 2018 to the 21st of June 2019 set about catching a fish in every one. 

Limited in time to just a year to complete, holding down a day job didn't have the time to catch a Specimen fish from each. Some attempts resulted in tiny fish as a result had alot of negative feedback. In order to catch a Specimen from each and every Borough it would take far in excess of a year. 

Have decided to invest far more time on the bank in order to achieve a reasonable sized fish from each and every one this time round with no time limits or added pressure. 

This blog is certainly not all about myself, in fact get a lot more pleasure meeting other anglers on the bank, taking pictures and sharing their stories. Especially look forward to meeting many more of you out and about. 

Along the way will be adding pictures from many different Anglers get to meet, including every venue available, those can fish, those you can't. Including all Fishing Clubs, Day tickets, and free fishing. 

This is one of all 33 London Authorities... 

Starting point rather than the finished article, thanks for your patience...

As Always Tight Lines, may your next bite be a Big One or anyone big or small. 



Walthamstow Reservoirs, Walthamstow
Walthamstow Reservoirs, London Borough Of Waltham Forest 1st April 19

Absolutely made up today. Fabulous company, wonderful fishing. Fantastic venue. Certainly got the fly fishing bug now. Got my 4 fish limit no where near as quick as my Buddy great angler Jim who managed 25 and could have had more if not for teaching.

So made up lots of pictures to follow. And a full write up. Big Shout out to The Staff, not forgetting the wonderful Gentlemen who met today.

Now to head back home, and prepare some dinner.

Bye for now 👍😀🎣
Mission: Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities, 32 Borough's, plus The City of London.

Walthamstow Reservoirs, London Borough Of Waltham Forest

Happy April Fools Day,

Finally getting better at shooting the line. My first Reservoir Trout. Massive Thanks to Jim, teaching, and his home made Damsel Nymph. Chuffed to bits. Totally buzzing like a kid at Christmas. Hopefully catch my 4 fish entitlement before day is through.

Authorities Completed: 28/33 Date: 1st April 19

Still on course to complete all 33 London Authorities, 32 Boroughs, plus The City Of London. Thanks for your kind words, and support.

As always tight lines and may your next bite be a big one, or anyone big or small 👍😎🎣
Walthamstow Reservoirs, London Borough Of Waltham Forest.

Exciting fishing Jim is smashing it and already hit fish limit before 10am. As for myself still struggling with the casting, but slowly getting more distance, and just lost my first one. Hope my turn soon.
Bye for now 👍😊🎣
Nice one Jim thanks for taking this one love it 👍❤️😎🎣

Good Morning,

Walthamstow Reservoirs, London Borough Of Waltham Forest 1st April 19

What an amazing day out. Has to be said certainly got the fly fishing bug. Only ever had a go a handful of times on own over the past 46 years, mainly ending up in trees, in a total mess, not having a clue. Always been something wanted to take up more seriously.

Having spent a proper day on the bank with an experienced fly angler delighted to say will be doing far more fluff chucking from now on, not just for trout, coarse species also.

Firstly A Big Shout out to Jim, for which today would never have happened without his knowledge, expertise and guidance. Not only setting me up properly, but teaching this fine art of angling.

A massive shout to Walthamstow Wetlands, and their warm, pleasant, friendly Staff. Thanks very much.

Not forgetting every last respectful Gentlemen who came by with the most friendly attitude. A total breath of fresh air from some of the coarse fishing venues visited over the years. Showing kindness, most courteous, offering tips, advice, and help. Such a pleasant, calm, relaxing environment.

Had so much fun, wonderful fishing, one for the memory pot.

On a final note, thanks again Jim for literally saving my life. Once he had hit his 4 fish limit switched to barbless hooks, catch and release. Unfortunately a fish went belly up. Rushed down the bank to rescue with a landing net, slipped down bank. Was like stepping on washing up liquid as slowly lost footing going further into the water unable to get a firm footing, sliding further and further out. Thankfully Jim was there to hold out a hand grab and pull in. That was scary, no telling how far would have ended up probably upto neck and swimming. Phew! Thankfully a beautiful day dried out quickly, apart from feet.

All in All an excellent day out, a venue wouldn't think twice coming back. Even very tempted to join Walthamstow Fly Club. Not forgetting another Borough scratched of The list of 33 London Authorities. Loved it! Took many more pictures add here soon. 

Bye for now, have a wonderful week ahead 👍😊🎣

 Jim with one of the 25 landed

 Jim's limit first 4 of 25 fish, before changing rging to barbless, catch and release...

 Just some of Jim's homemade flies, nymphs...
 More if Jim's handy won't
 Opps that's a lively one...

 One of Jim's homemade which caught my first Reservoir trout, and cracked another London Borough...

 Jim's homemade works of art (not the one on the sponge, some of my old ones)
 Jim setting me up...
Jim checking my two rods, opting for The Shakespeare... 

 Spotless, clean and tidy...

 The Famous Coppermill Stream...


Highams Park Lake, Woodford Green, Chingford
Highams Park Lake, Woodford Green, Chingford, London Borough Of Waltham Forest
Highams Park Lake, Woodford Green, Chingford, London Borough Of Waltham Forest

Beautiful looking wouldn't recommend that he fishing

Many more pictures details, further venues to add 
to be continued thanks for your patience 

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