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Catch A Fish From All 48 English Counties

Catch A Fish From All 48 English Counties
22nd June, 2019
English City Of Brighton And Hove, The English Channel, East Sussex
25th May, 2019

Being live in London fished Kent hundreds of times. It's a start

AWS Blog Entry: 19 May 19
Welcome to My Angling Blog called Angling With Shaun.

Coming to the point of ending one Mission 'Catch A Fish In All 33 London Authorities' and taking up next Mission.

There is no need to define this next quest a Mission, or Challenge. Certainly don't want to feel under so much pressure again, to the point of feeling down.

Couldn't put myself through such stress again, that was some Mission really wouldn't want to set a deadline again. Hence taking this one steady. No time scale. No stress whatsoever!

That's not what fishing is all about. Not a task, catching the most, the biggest or setting impossible goals, or being The Best!

That's why taking this at a steady pace, treating each County visit as a holiday. A long weekend. If only had a motor home, didn't have to work would be on the road right now 365 days a year fishing every possibility. But that's just a dream. No different, like the majority who have to work hard to pay the bills, earn enough to play a little. Endulge in their passion for Angling.

Unfortunately just going to have to make do with the odd county trip, now and again. Not being a full time angler, these trips will be more than likely just once a month.

Due to privacy, decided to visit Counties unannounced. Many will be pre arranged journeys, very much looking forward to rΓ©union with old friends, and meeting new along the way.

This is more a journey, an adventure, excitement, a travel log of events in own relaxed time. All about the fishing. Not about the attention, which honestly without sounding ungrateful not seeking. Far to many Prima Donna's in Angling nowadays.

Just an average angler, 51 years of age who's loves going Fishing. nothing more nothing less. 

The whole experience and journey up to now like mentioned has been totally overwhelming, even to the point of overpowering to the extent of causing anxiety.

Looking back in hindsight could never have imagined Facebook Page getting over a 1000 Likes, so many comments, likes, support, help, advice, encouragement from readers the response has been totally overwhelming to say the least.

Never in wildest dreams ever once imagined myself being in the Angling Press not once, let alone four times in The Anglers Mail in recent months. Its all very new, still coming to terms with all that's happened the past year.

Come to a point where started to feel having such popularity, has its pressure of maintaining such a state. There had to come a point where needed to cut off from being popular for popularity sake, and keep feet firmly on the ground. Simply get out there and enjoy, love the fishing.

Don't want Fame! Not knocking those who like, follow. Would rather continue doing what love at my own steady pace, without fear of people loosing interest. Far better development to continue being passionate about, a pasttime, hobby, skill, call it what you want, don't want to worry what others may think.

So without sounding rude or selfish anything but! Now have to return more to a the subject in hand the fishing. Having to visualise getting on with what you do regardless of what people think. Not be so vulnerable.

Shall return, soon, and keep you posted with my fishing adventures.

As Always Tight Lines, and may your next bite be a Big One or anyone big or small πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ£
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Good Afternoon All,

Yes! It's Official Raving Mad 😊

Before start to draw up a blog for this mission. A completely different challenge put to me by a reader recently.

Sure many are aware of the next challenge 'Catch A Fish From All 69 UK Cities' however further research has shown some Cities are going to be extremely difficult. Therefore have decided to do two separate challenges.

Will be doing both Missions alongside each other purely for love and the hell of it. There will be no time limits, or added pressure.

Really looking forward to completing present Mission 'Catch A Fish From All 33 London Authorities' hitting the road later this year meeting many of you along the way.

Further Updates, and blog post to follow πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ£

p.s - one country at a time shall also be planning to visit Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the future.

48 Counties Of England
Cambridgeshire, including Isle of Ely
held jointly with Chester
held jointly with Exeter
held jointly with Poole
held jointly with Gloucester and Bristol
held jointly with Southampton
Kent, held jointly with Canterbury COMPLETED. 
held jointly with Lincoln
City of London, having commissioners of Lieutenancy
County of London
held jointly with Norwich
Northamptonshire, including the Soke of Peterborough
held jointly with Berwick-upon-Tweed and Newcastle upon Tyne
held jointly with Nottingham
held jointly with Lichfield
held jointly with Worcester
Yorkshire—had three Lieutenants, one for each of the three ridings
East Riding, held jointly with Kingston upon Hull
North Riding
West Riding, held jointly with York

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